April 30, 2017

How to be a CMCS Man

Dear CMCS Men and Friend's,

We've just completed the 2017 Men's Conference, so this is a time when we find many new subscribers to this Newsletter, and more throughout the year. Since this letter platform is the most effective method to communicate with all of you, I'd like to share an update on what CMCS will be doing in 2017 going forward so that you may be equipped to 'run the good race' as a Chicago Catholic Man. 

The Annual Men's Conference is really the by-product of all we do at CMCS. The life adjustments that you and all of us make the rest of the year determines our spiritual life, and determines the impact we have with our family and our community. This can be felt for up to three generations.  

Bishop Joseph N. Perry at one of the CMCS earlier conferences, at St. Agnes in Chicago Heights.
Photo: © Frank J Casella

Followers of CMCS (known as a CMCS Man) gather at our events and follow us online, to engage with other Catholic men and have the methods of men's spirituality interpreted. But for the rest of the time we pray together inside the Parish / Church Community, and many participate in parish small men's groups. Other men meet for coffee weekly or monthly, or for Men's Bible study in our homes. I personally meet with several men one-on-one to foster growth in holiness, both for them and myself. 

The idea then for CMCS is to keep dialog with Catholic Men, and the leaders of parish small men's groups, within the Chicago archdiocese, concentrating on the south end and specifically Vicariate VI.  The Men's conference is really the vehicle where we all come together as the larger Community from the archdiocese. You can follow conference updates by email here. We've seen interest from the north end of the archdiocese to develop an men's apostolate, like Catholic Men Chicago Southland, but as of this Letter nothing has become material yet. 

As for this Letter, when you subscribe(d) we send you Bishop Perry's Virtues of a Catholic Man. We do it this way because us men tend to follow the Virtues list when we make a concentrated effort to keep up to date with CMCS through the communications updates and encouragement. The method we suggest is to 'perfect' each Virtue in any order until you have them all completed (mastered). This becomes very rewarding and always a work in progress, yet what comes with it is your determination, concentration, as well as the encouragement and sometimes challenge from other men.

For this reason you may want to share this letter with other men and ask them to subscribe. The best way us men grow in holiness is by invitation. Some men become accountability partners, others simply pray for each other. 

The other vehicle for our spiritual growth as a Catholic man is 'A Man's Prayer'. Men tell us that when they pray this each day it transforms their life, sometimes to an outward thinking mindset, rather than inward on self. This outward thinking is in agreement with Catholic teaching. If you'd like us to send you prayer cards, both English and Spanish, for yourself, your men's group, or your parish contact us.

The purpose of these CMCSVirtues Letters is to bring all of us a sense of Community with Chicago Catholic men, and encouragement for the common themes and challenges we face as men in the workplace and at home. You can always come back to the archive of these Letters if you lose the emails or wish to share them with a friend (find the link on the website front page). For the remainder of 2017 we're going to email you a letter at least every four to six weeks, while filling the gap by posting content and articles of interest to Catholic men through CMCS Social Media channels, with Twitter being the base.

Likewise, many men don't know that you can get the Tumblr app with push notifications to your Android or iOS mobile device. CMCS finds this platform on Tumblr to have much of the demographic audience that we aim to reach online, of young (Chicago) Catholic men seeking the structure of the Catholic Faith in their lives.

I hope this Letter helps you to become better informed towards the CMCS motto of "Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man". We invite you to contact us about your spiritual growth or if you have any questions or ideas relating to men's spirituality. Please know that Bishop Perry and the CMCS Team are praying for you always!

Thank you very much for your interest, and valuable time and investment, in what it means to be a CMCS Man!
Frank J Casella
CMCS Executive Director 

Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) fosters Catholic Men in personal holiness, to make Jesus Christ the center of our daily lives.
CMCS is a Catholic Apostolate of Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Executive Director, Frank J Casella

Since 2004, Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) has reminded men and helped them to do what is in their power to do, namely, be holy and courageous men, to improve their marriages, be better fathers to their children, grow in virtue, serve the needs of others more generously, be active participants in their parishes, and be better citizens.

“If only we knew how God regards this Sacrifice, we would risk our lives to be present at a single Mass.”  

- St. Padre Pio 1887-1968


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We believe the Archdiocese of Chicago needs a practical way of evangelizing Catholic men young and old, and their families, of helping them to understand what the culture often rejects – how men and women should relate to one another in complementary ways and how important husbands and fathers are to children.