May 04, 2015

HTML, CSS and Dart for Beginners

This time I have three new tutorials for people getting started with programming. Some parts have already been tested with my students. All three tutorials are available in English and German.

I'm very grateful for any feedback. Let me know if you find bugs or typos. You can write comments below every tutorial part or you can click the "Edit on GitHub" link if you want to suggest a change.

Thank you for all your contributions!

HTML & CSS Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of HTML and CSS to create your own web projects. Instead of working through rather boring theory it immediately starts with a project.

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More HTML & CSS Tutorial

This series is a collection of instructions on various topics related to HTML & CSS. The parts in this series do not have a particular order. Just look at the topics that you're interested in.
Some topics include: Website Layout with Bootstrap, Using Icon Fonts, Image Handling with Bootstrap, Formatting Text, and JavaScript with Bootstrap.

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Hello Dart

Dart is an awesome language for the web! Hello Dart is a playful introduction to programming with Dart. In 5 tutorial parts you learn about loops, conditionals, variables, functions, and more.

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Have fun and let me know what you think.