January 29, 2016


There's a long history of tension between designers and the people that produce their designs. Whether it's a printer or a programmer, there is, in the very nature of the exchange, tension. Both parties have the opportunity to make the collaboration work well, or badly. 

Myopic designers often demand the impossible from their producer, either out of a poor understanding of the medium, or out of bullheadedness. Producers often disappoint or needlessly push back against the designer out of poor attention to detail, or ignorance of what the design is working to accomplish.

In the best cases, when both parties are well versed in the field of the other and responsive to the requirements of other, there is still tension. This is good tension. This is the tension that leads to great things. 

Don't aim to dominate. Aim to listen and to understand the limitations and requirements. Be prepared to alter your intention when there is the opportunity to improve it. Tension is only destructive when you deny it's place in the process.