March 18, 2015

First-Day-Free April and Bulls-Watching: CoworkBuffalo Newslettter for March 2015

Good afternoon, Coworkers!

Two quick things for you in this newsletter. You already know what we usually have to say: you can buy Public Espresso though us at a discount, you can get a referral fee for new members, we have discounts for teams, snow is melting, etc. Any questions on that stuff, email us.

Now the fun stuff:

First-Day-Free April

For the month of April, we're trying something new. If you've never been to CoworkBuffalo, or it's been more than six months since we've seen you here, your first day at the space is free.

Being long-winded, I wish there was more to this, but that's it. April is a great month to enjoy slightly warmer temperatures, and to check us out on Main Street. See you soon, and tell your friends.

Watch the Bulls game, pretend to work on a free day!

As you may have heard, the University at Buffalo men’s basketball team has reached the NCAA Tournament for the first time in its modern Division-I existence. To celebrate this achievement, proud UB alumnae Kevin Purdy and Dan Magnuszewski cordially invite you to CoworkBuffalo to watch the Bulls stampede over the West Virginia Mountaineers this Friday at 2:10pm. We'll be streaming the game on our wall-mounted TV, and enjoying some local beverages and some out-of-town BBQ and/or pizza. Amazingly, that two-mascot competitive metaphor actually works!

You can keep your laptop open and logged into your work email/Slack/IM, so your boss thinks your working. And you can come early if you'd like to actually work, because Friday, March 20, will be a Free Day at Cowork, limited only by the number of seats. You're finding that out because you're not only a newsletter subscriber, but you're actually reading it! RSVP if you can (Twitter, email, Facebook, whatever), but come whenever it's convenient.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds