January 14, 2016

First Visit Free, faster internet, and sidewalk puns wanted

Good afternoon!

A few quick things about CoworkBuffalo you might want to know.

First up: we’re doing First Visit Free for the rest of January. That means that new people, folks we’ve never seen before, can work for free their first day at Cowork until Feb. 1. We might extend it to Valentine’s Day, or further… We’re eager to let more people try out the space and see if it helps them get more done. Send a friend, tell them to tell us you sent 'em.

We have faster internet than before. It was pretty fast before, but now there’s even more room for uploads, downloads, and video calls.

Are you great with puns? Are you a dad joke savant? Well, we have a sandwich board that is open for pitches. If you’ve always wanted to get your words on the street, now’s your chance. Send your witticisms and weird ideas to work@coworkbuffalo.com, or tweet at @coworkbuffalo, or post to our wall on Facebook.

If you have a project requiring you keep some stuff handy, we have basement storage that is verifiably cheaper than the storage spaces around town. Tell us your needs and we’ll work something out: work@coworkbuffalo.com.

Suddenly, you look around, and the walking space around Cowork has become the best place to get lunch in Buffalo. In the last year, we’ve seen Marble + Rye, D’Avolio, Natalie’s Mediterranean, Marco’s Deli, Chennai Express, Ted’s Hot Dogs, and a few other counters open up. And this is all before the Expo Market opens up soon, a few doors down, bringing Crush Juicery, Osteria’s Mercato, Sun Cuisine’s Sun Rollin’, Newbury Street salads, and a full bar to our block of Main Street. There’s a third Mediterranean eatery opening up in the office building just north of here, too. People are just eating things now, we think? It’s good.

Finally, a quick reminder: as winter becomes really real around here, we have heat, coffee, a tea kettle, a sidewalk that is fastidiously plowed by Buffalo Place, and a microwave that heats up soup. Leaving home can be hard, but we try to make it better.

~ CoworkBuffalo