April 22, 2014

Fridges, Partitions, Bandwidth, Whoa - CoworkBuffalo Newsletter for April 2014



Good afternoon, good people. Those of us in Buffalo are experiencing between-season weather oddities. The fog and rain that go on/off/on. Days that get up to 70F, then down to 35F at night. And plants and mosquitoes that seem really confused as to whether to come out or not.

We have some new faces, new features, and other happenings at the space of late. Let us get to it.

The Kickstarter and Aftermath

Did you see our Kickstarter project when it was active? We raised just over $5,000 from supporters, out-of-town-ers, some too-kind members, and other people we might never have met.

Utilizing those Kickstarter funds, shipping out rewards, hosting a party, and other related happenings kept us pretty busy over the past few months. That might explain the newsletter silence: we were writing plenty of Kickstarter updates, but forgetting how many folks might never see those.

In any case, that Kickstarter allowed us to expand our space in some significant ways. Next follows a compendium of the New Stuff.

New Stuff

  • 8 very nice new chairs, with far more adjustment and back support.
  • 8 decently better-than-IKEA chairs from a friendly nearby office, which also have some nicer surfaces.
  • A whole conference table, seating 8-10 in fairly comfortable fashion.
  • A wall-mounted HDTV near that conference table, with a Chromecast installed and an HDMI plug in the wall for easy projecting/presentation.
  • A portable translucent partition, allowing teams and groups to meet even while coworkers are going about their business in the space.
  • A full-sized fridge! More lunches, more ice and iced coffee, instant filtered water, and coffee creamer (yes, coffee creamer).
  • Glass desks for those who want to work solo.
  • Upgraded (faster) internet, so that even on busy days, everyone should be floating along just fine.
  • A separate electric tea kettle, with settings for green/red/black, etc.
  • Painted and soon-to-be-soundproofed phone rooms.

Meetings & Events

CoworkBuffalo is now the evening host for a number of organizations and groups: Communify, Buffalo Soccer Council, TEDxBuffalo, Buffalo Open Data, and more. We have also hosted an event for Social Media Club Buffalo, and hosted our own Kickstarter party with 45+ people.

If you have a small-to-medium meeting, event, or meetup for which you need a space, hey, we are totally open to it, and especially for members or newsletter subscribers. Ping us at work@coworkbuffalo.com.

That's all for now. Except for iced coffee, which we forgot to mention was coming very soon (after some experiments with ratios and chicory). Enjoy the slowly warming weather, folks.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds