May 12, 2016

Meet DeliveryBot! Newsletter for May 2016

Good morning! A few notes on a few things happening around CoworkBuffalo: a Delivery Bot, an improving nearby market, merchandise, and a few reminders about a few things.

Delivery Bot

Some members have their packages and letters sent to CoworkBuffalo, rather than play delivery-notice tag at home. Sometimes they get an email or text that confirms their package arrived; sometimes UPS and FedEx play games with your mind. We wanted to make that better.

Now, when you get a package or a letter at CoworkBuffalo, we tap a few buttons on an iPad, and you get someting like this:

We're still tinkering with this a bit, but let us know if you think this is helpful at We hope it helps.

Washington St. Market

If you haven't been to The Washington Market lately, you should check it out. A new owner is changing things up, stocking more local goods, daily groceries, and tweaking the lunch offerings a bit. And, not for nothing, but their cookie game is pretty strong of late, too.

A few quick things

  • We love seeing people bike to our space. If it's wet outside and you bring your bike in, please try to leave the tires on the floor mats.
  • We are going to gradually replace the small glass desks against the green wall with adjustable standing desks. You don't have to stand to use them; they work just fine as sitting desks, and you can adjust them to your perfect sitting height. But if you want to try out standing for part of your day, give it a try! Look for their gradual inclusion over the next few weeks.
  • We have storage available in our basement for anyone who needs some. Talk to us about per-pallet prices:
  • First visits are still free for local (WNY) visitors. Tell your friends, tell people you just met at a party, tell your mail delivery person! You never know, maybe they'll quit their USPS job and start freelancing. Strange things happen.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Folks