July 07, 2015

New things: storage, package holding, door app!

Good afternoon coworkers!

Just a few notes on what's new around the space. We'll keep it relatively short, because there is no time to waste during summer in Buffalo.

Storage space in the basement

Our basement has long been a mysterious place, full of, well, random stuff, plus some ping-pong equipment. Now, however, it has a purpose! The basement can store your things

If you need more than just a desk and a chair, you can store your goods in our basement. We're already helping The Atinga Project ship out their Rwandan-made recycled-tire footwear, and we have another business likely to move in soon.

Right now the pricing is $50 per month, added onto your membership, for up to 4 pallets of space. If you're interested , email us at work@coworkbuffalo.com

Personal packages: now stored in Ye Olde Phone Booth

Getting your UPS, FedEx, and USPS packages delivered to CoworkBuffalo, where you know someone's around and the door is locked, is a great benefit of working here. We're making it a bit easier now to find your stuff.

In line with our basement storage offering, we are now placing all packages for members who aren't present when the package arrives in the phone booth. Not the phone rooms, but the original, 300-pound phone booth, toward the back of the space. We'll keep them there for a few days if they fit; for large packages, or packages still around after 3 days or so, we'll move them down to a designated pallet in the basement.

New app-based door lock

Some of you have already seen this, but we recently traded out our, shall we say, bespoke text-message-based door lock for a new system. We're using KISI to manage our door lock. It's been a very reliable system so far. If you're a member or a 10-pack buyer, grab the app for iPhone or Android, and we'll set you up with an invite to our door next time you're in.

New lights, coming soon

Courtesy of energy efficiency Chris Coleman, we are switching from fluorescent overhead lights to LED loops just as soon as we can. They should be better on your poor screen-addled eyes, as well as the environment and our energy bill. Email Chris if you'd like to talk about upgrades, incentives, and other energy matters for your own space.

Other than that, the early days of summer have been great here at CoworkBuffalo. There's cold-brew coffee, lots of spots for lunch and dinner, an easy MetroRail ride to Canalside, and, notable of late: air conditioning. See you soon.