February 23, 2015

One Day, It Will Be Spring: CoworkBuffalo Newsletter for February 2015

There's a kind of in-joke among CoworkBuffalo co-founders: "Winter is Coming."

I mean, this is not really our joke. It's a Game of Thrones reference, one that people who spend too much time on the web make all the time.

But the way we mean it, we mean that members, stop-ins, visitors, and simple "reasons to leave the house" drop off quite a bit when it goes below freezing. It has been below freezing, very far below freezing, for all of February. We try to plan for higher utilities, fewer up-sells, and just wait it out until winter.

And we really appreciate those who bear with us until winter. To those regulars and members who head down or quietly support us, when downtown Buffalo seems more like a movie about pre-revolution St. Petersburg than a working corridor: thank you so much.

Consider us, too, if you know of any small groups with workers who want to train or collaborate, for one day, for a week, or for the long haul. We offer discounts for workers at the same firm, as well as use of the conference section for anyone who wants to book it.

In the meantime, there are some things to be excited about. A quick run-down:

Lots of new food options!

What's for lunch at Cowork? The options have expanded considerably:

  • Chennai Express, one block away (if you cut through the Shea's/Tralf building), with wonderful Indian sit-down or take-out. Great dosas, lots of Indian classics, almost everything less than $10.
  • Marco's Deli, at the corner of Genessee and ... is that Oak? Sangwiches, panninis, and no need to snack until dinner.
  • Dog é Style. You probably heard about this one. Some really, really dislike the name. It is definitely going to be better in the summer, when they can open the doors. Cheap dogs, good fries.

And coming soon: Toutant, marble + rye, and Just Fries.


For the time being, you can park your car on Main Street, for "2 hours," for free. Until they put the meters in. At the very least, friends and family can now drop you off at Cowork. And when spring comes, bikers can more safely get here. If you haven't checked out our parking map yet, it has a few other free parking secrets.


Right next to the conference table. It's big, and you can write on it!

Standing desks and storage

Two things we're working on in the background: coming up with options for the good number of our workers who want to work, or try out, standing desks. And providing secure basement storage for folks who have small amounts of inventory or gear to stash. Stay tuned.

Someone comes to town, someone leaves town

Another behind-the-scenes thing happened recently. We said goodbye to co-founder Brian Fending. To say Brian was instrumental in starting CoworkBuffalo would be understating it quite a bit; he sub-let us our first space, helped plan out our earliest improvements, and dealt with our first landlord. If you remember dealing with your first landlord, you know this is not a small thing. Brian has, among other projects, a distillery starting up that you may have heard about. We wish him the best in yet another brave new thing.

We brought aboard Michael Macaluso, a long-time member experienced with Buffalo and start-ups, and a notable drinker of tea. If you've been here early, you've probably been greeted by Mike. We're eager to work on some new projects and long-standing improvement ideas with him.

Stay warm, see you soon. Spring is coming.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds