July 28, 2014

Referral Rewards, Main Street Logistics, Secret Ping-Pong Results - CoworkBuffalo Newsletter for July 2014

Hello coworkers & supporters. We have a shorter but totally-worth-reading update for you about a handful of notable things.

Refer a Friend, Get Some Free Months

We’ve decided to start a referral program for Cowork members. It's pretty simple. And it gives us new people to expose to better coffee and Sue's Deli chicken Philly wraps.

Your job: refer a coworker who either has never been to CoworkBuffalo, or hasn’t been here in the past three months.

If they stay a monthly member for two months, or purchase two ten-packs, we’ll give you your choice of a free month (either new or off your existing membership) or a free ten-pack. We like our people, but we like new people, too, and we get our best members by referral.

Biking & Driving to the Space

It appears that the traffic project on the 600 block of Main St. is only a few weeks away from completion (even if this always kinda seems like this is the case, it is More The Case now). The better news is that bike racks have been installed and one being located right outside of Cowork! They're great for sunny days, but if you have valuables or it looks like rain, we also have bike parking space in the office. Get some exercise, get some work done, and save a little parking money all at the same time by cycling on down. It’s the easiest way to kill two-point-five birds with one stone.

Not that driving isn't something we hope to make easier for everyone. If you're , Nick Q. has put together a very handy CoworkBuffalo parking map that details the 8-hour, 10-hour, and free spots hiding in plain sight around the space.

Meetings! Training Sessions! We Host Them

Every month it seems like CoworkBuffalo is hosting more group meetings and teams of workers. The cost is only $25 for unlimited attendees after 6pm, although capacity is probably around 25 people. If you’d like to come in during the day for training exercises, meet-ups, or other collaborations, we offer group discounts and conference table bookings. E-mail us at work@coworkbuffalo.com.

Not-Actually-Secret Ping-Pong Club Standings

As some of you know, coworker Mike M. bought a ping-pong table for us several months back. It has been in regular use ever since among a small group of able-wristed souls. In the June tournament, number one ranked Jesse “Forearm” J. was defeated by Mike “Mondays” M. in the quarterfinals. Mike played Kevin “Killshot” C. in a hard-fought finals match, ultimately winning 3-2. Congrats Mike!

There you have it. Special thanks to co-founer Kevin C., who picked up the newsletter pen this month, and submitted to editing by the fussy, slow Kevin P. See you all real soon.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds