October 05, 2014

Clattertron Weekly: Focus

Focus is a big word these days.

For me, at least. “Stay focused!” “Keep focus!” “Focus on what's important!” and such.

It is easy to lose focus, when my day overflows with so many distractions in Real Life and online. I have things I want to do, creatively, and the key is finding time—or as I prefer, making time. Finding time for projects never works, for me anyway. Something always comes.

Making time, however, pays dividends. When I stick to such a regiment that is—when I don't, well, the wheels fall off. I'm only human. I make mistakes. I suffer moments of weakness, blah blah blah.

I read a book recently, recommended (a long time back) by cartoonist Wes Molebash to his readers, which really helped me regain my focus. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield (Legend of Bagger Vance) is a creative 'self-help' book.

It isn't one of those Write a Book In 30 Days and Be Famous self-help books. It is a very personal take on having the hunger to create, but feeling the pull of Resistance (as Pressfield calls it) keeping you from doing the work.

War or Art it isn't an Everything You Do is Great and You Are Special self-help book for creatives. It is a Shut Up and Work, Make Mistakes, Keep Moving self-help book. As such, it probably isn't for everyone, but as someone adrift in a crashing sea of Creativity and What Should I Do With My Life, War of Art was a much-needed lighthouse.

War of Art helped me focus: I started outlining a new novel the day after I finished reading the last page. There's a part on War of Art where Pressfield talks about how once you set your mind to a project, and begin the work, forces are set in motion to help. The ideas come more often. The thoughts are at the surface of your mind. Inspiration is everywhere. And so on. I've experienced this before and I experiencing it again right now.

Because, it is about focus.

I'm still sending out my second finished novel to agents and starting my third (I self-published my first nearly seven years ago). Do the work. Stay focused. Create. Share. Learn. Repeat.

Weekly Wrap-Up
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#TrueDetectiveSeason2, anyone?

Closing Remarks

The new novel I'm outlining and preparing is sci-fi, and I say sci-fi because isn't be serious science fiction. It will be a fun sci-fi adventure (in theory), with my usual off-beat humor. I got the idea about a year ago during Stephanie and I's honeymoon at Disney World--and it wouldn't go away.
Time to write.

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