November 22, 2015

Data Machina - Y2 Week 47

Data Machina - Y2 Week 47

10 Link-o-Troned

1. The Problem with The Data Science Language Wars

2. Agile Data Science: Applying Kanban to Analytics Life Cycle

3. Crime Data App w/ Mesos, Kafka, S3, Spark & InfluxDB

4. A Collection of Libraries for Large-Scale Data in Hadoop

5. Stream Processing with Apache Flink

6. Spotify's Time-series DB w/ Kafka+ Cassandra+ Elasticsearch

7. Swift AI - A high-performance AI library written entirely in Swift

8. 10+ Lessons on Building Real-Life Machine Learnings Sys

9. Analyzing 1.1 Billion NYC Taxi & Uber Trips, w/ a Vengeance

10. Logistic Regression Vs Decision Trees Vs SVM: It Depends!

[BONUS] Zooming a Mandelbrot fractal to 6.066 e228 (2^760)

[FREE] An Anthology of Visionary Science Fiction Short Stories


A *Pythonista Experience*

1. GRUV - a Python Project for Algorithmic Music Generation

2. Getting Started with Python and Apache Flink

3. Time Series Analysis using iPython

4. Python, Machine Learning and Language Wars 

5. Facebook Keyword Extraction Challenge in Python


Scripting aRt

1. Item Based Collaborative Filtering RecSys in R

2. Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms in Plain R

3. Simulating ARIMA Models  

4. Interactive Data Science w/ R in Zeppelin Notebooks

5. Visualise your Hiking Trails & Photos w/ My Tracks, R & Leaflet

Love from Julia

1. Why I’m no longer using Julia for my Agent-Based Model

2. Frequency Tables in Julia

3. Implementation of Paxos in Julia with an example application

4. A Mandelbrot and Julia Sets Fractals Generator



1. Linked Data London Heatmaps w/ Clojurescript & 

2. From REST to CQRS with Clojure, Kafka, & Datomic

3. All The Interwebs Topics: Spark + Clojure for Topic Discovery 

4. Blocks- Clojure Content-Addressable Data Storage



1. Downsampling Time-series for Visual Representation (pdf)

2. Machine Learning at the Limit, Berkley Uni + MS + Yahoo (pdf)

3. Efficient Thompson Online Sampling for Matrix Factorization

4. Dawn of the Selfie Era: Who/ How on Instagram Selfies


data V-I-S-I-O-N-S

1. A Visual Survey on Dataviz for Time-Oriented Data  

2. Visualising UK Index of Multiple Deprivation [ London, red]

3. Lyra: A Free, Open Source Visualization Design Environment  

4. Narratives 2.0 - Visualizing Music

5. An Interactive Visualization of Global Economic Relations


Algorithmic Potpourri

1. A Demo of the Gradient Descent Algorithm

2. The Raft Consensus Algorithm

3. Comparing the Raft & Paxos Algorithms

4. The Effects of The Uber Surge Pricing Algorithm (pdf)


Cyborgs & Robots like <you>

1. ALAN: The Robot Development Kit

2. Creating Ultron - A Real Robot: Controlling Arms & Motion

3. Meet Valkyrie1: NASA's Superhero Astronaut Robot

4. I'm a bot that creates forgeries of famous painters' work

5. Rejecting Human Commands on Consequence Reasoning

Deep Learn Weekender

1. Attention Models & Deep Learning at

2. Predicting Online User Behaviour w/ Deep Learning

3. Active Object Localization with Deep Reinforcement Learning

4. Walking in Amsterdam: Video Annotation w/ NeuralTalk2

5. Deep learning API with emotion recognition application


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