February 18, 2015

interesting disclosures 2: A guy in my neighborhood has one of those artisanal pet pigs.

"Hey, nice pig!"

A guy in my neighborhood has one of those artisanal pet pigs. 
I first saw it in late summer, almost six months ago now. It's maybe three quarters of a foot tall at the shoulder and pot-bellied, with stubby little legs. It's a very soft-looking black, with a short, cute tail that sticks straight out behind it. 

About once a week, just by chance, I see this guy walking his pig. It's always on an evening walk, this adorable mini-swine's features difficult to discern in the dark. And inevitably, I stop and stare, firstly because it's an unusual animal to see on the sidewalk in Denver and secondly because it's a really cute pig. Once, I even got my phone out to take a picture before sheepishly putting it away when the guy saw me. 

I feel bad because I know that this guy recognizes me staring at his pig once a week. I feel worse because every time I stare at the pig I realize that it is actually a dog. A short, stubby-legged, pot-bellied dog that looks like a boutique pig. 

I cannot, for the life of me, remember to think, upon seeing this guy walking his pet, "OK, don't be fooled, it is not a pig." Every single time, I think, "Haha, a pig!" 

On the other hand, that guy looks like the kind of guy who would own a pet pig.