October 21, 2015

interesting disclosures 4: found a bunch of stuff in drafts

found a bunch of stuff in drafts that I didn't send to you -- and I still won't. you're welcome.

You thought you'd gotten rid of me, but here I am, in your email, like a rejection notice in reverse.  

Football season is upon us, so I've been reflecting on the last year spent not watching and wondering if I'll watch any this year. I still have a Jake Plummer figure standing on my desk and I'll never forget my friend telling me that I "Jake Plummer'd the NFL." 
Oh, and I recently learned that I am now the age that Plummer was when he retired from the NFL. That's interesting. One difference between us is that by this time in his life he had earned more than $50 million. Another difference is that at this point in his life someone tried to get him to take a job by offering to donate $1 million to his favorite charity. 
Gruden leaned in and started selling. Join us in Tampa Bay, he said, and with our defense and your leadership we'll have a shot at the Big One. Come to Florida, he said, and you'll be the hero you could never be in Denver in the shadow of John Elway. And then the kicker: Sign with us, Gruden whispered, and we'll donate a million dollars to your Alzheimer's foundation.
Would you take a job you didn't want if someone offered to donate $1 million to your favorite charity? 

What is your favorite charity? Do not say it is your Kickstarter (which, honestly, I have probably already donated to). 

Some genius has organized a Football Book Club with a whole season of books (and a bye week). It's got a pretty strong trying-in-vain-to-make-your-ex-jealous vibe, but the thought is nice. 

I have more than enough books to read at the moment, but that list isn't so bad. 

Did you know I've been reviewing books? I'm reading one right now called "The Turner House." It's very good. I won't review it, but I might write a few words about it on an end-of-year list. 

I wrote something about a friend. I might send it to this list, to kind of enter it into the record. 

I've been working on projects at night, even when I'm pretty exhausted. Tonight is one such night. Here's something I keep on my desktop that seems to help with motivation. I hope it helps you, too. 

Here is what I'm listening to right now: OCT means eight, so nobody's perfect.