December 02, 2015

interesting disclosures 6: a work in progress

it's not what you think.

I don't want to freak anyone out, but millennials basically invented modern excitement for printed book release dates. 

This year, when the Harper Lee "prequel" came out, the universal point of reference for all of the hype was young adults and kids with their Harrys Potter, Hungers Game and various heartstring-tugging John-Green-style young-adult novels. Daniel Radcliffe is 26. Here he is, wearing his millennial uniform. Thank you for saving books, millennials. High-five emoji. 

On that note, here's a list I contributed to that rounds up great books from 2015.

Last month, I said I would share an ebook that my friend surprised me with, made from of a short story I wrote and sent to him for kicks. There's not a great way for me to do that while preserving a few options I want to keep, so if you want to check it out, just reply to this message and I'll send it directly to you. It's got robots in it. 

Unrelated, you might need some Magritte gifs.
Raphaëlle Martin, animated tribute to René Magritte’s 1953 “Golconda” (2014)

I went to a pretty unusual beer festival and wrote about it:

As the night wore on, my expertise using the slightly finicky water stations became increasingly strange and awesome to people around me — I’m guessing many of them hadn’t yet bothered with it, even three hours in. And I’m almost certain that one guy hadn’t, which is how he came to provide me with my favorite moment of the evening...

I was looking for some gifts and I found the worst one

Here's what I'm listening to: NOV: subject to change.

And one of my top ten songs of the year got a special shoutout on this list because it's not on Spotify. (It's here, though.)

I hope to have some really cool, nerdy stuff to share with you around the time the new Star Wars movie comes out, so I'm going to get right to working on that. Thanks for reading!