Don't Mine Me!

April 10th is National Opt-Out Day

Did you know that the American Medical Association licenses (i.e. sells) databases that allow drug companies to figure out exactly what drugs a doctor prescribes? Each year, the AMA makes $40 million on selling data on all doctors, regardless of whether or not they're AMA members. If you're a medical student, you've already been automatically added to this "Masterfile"!

Drug sales reps can spy on your prescribing habits unless you opt out. Pledge today to ban drug reps from accessing data on you mined by the AMA. (See more reasons to opt-out here.)

There's one catch. Medical students can't opt out until after graduation. Signing on to this list serves one purpose: You'll get a reminder later this year with instructions on how to opt-out when you're able.

If you're already a resident or practicing doctor, click on over to:


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