September 13, 2014

The Key to Managing Regulatory Services - Think Pink


We've had lots of contact asking us to provide more information on our intelligence tools so I thought we'd put a quick email together to provide some background. (We mention food services here but the same principle applies to health & safety or any other aspect of your work).
If you've downloaded the pictures in this mail you should be able to see a diagram highlighting what influences the food intervention service you provide. Those of the right (in grey) come from central reglators like the FSA - predominently the Code of Practice and the framework agreement. Those on the left (coloured pink) are the local influences - these ones are your responsibility.

If you are able to produce reliable intelligence (or data) on the left you can form a well thought out service plan, justify it and measure it's success. If you rely solely on the influences on the right hand side your service plan will be lacklustre and, well,... a bit grey.

Thinking pink ain't easy though. Thats why we developed our intelligence services.
Are you in the pink?
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