October 14, 2015

entwined / little red knife

I'm having a hard time being in my head lately which means I have a hard time writing. (Which is to say: this will be a short message.) Still, I made a poem that's about having a hard time being in your head, wanting to empty it out, wanting both to be seen in your hard time and to be alone with your tangled thoughts. Here is the poem, it's called "little red knife."

"little red knife" has four endings and several different middles. It's made using Twine, which is a tiny miracle of free software for telling interactive stories (or poems, which are not stories but are texts).

Twine is probably my favorite software that exists; it hits all the buttons of ease of use and portability and just letting you do something cool with your idea. There are several poets making cool things with Twine: here's a good site where someone is writing Twine poems and writing about Twine poems; here are more than 25 million poems about the Midwest. If you want to make your own Twine game or story or poem but you don't have a website to host it on, here's a site where you can host Twine games super easily

Have you seen more awesome Twine things? Did this give you a cool Twine idea? I am a huge proponent of making small strange things in Twine, and I love hearing about them. Reply any time.


PS: I've been writing these letters for two years! When I emerge from my cocoon of hard times like a crappy butterfly of anxious misery, I want to mail you something on paper to mark the occasion. First 4 folks who reply with a mailing address get a thing.