February 05, 2017

[Exercism: Behind the Scenes] New tracks, new maintainers

Exercism has been getting a lot of love over the past few months: Speaking of every language... people have asked for (and started working on) a few more tracks lately.

* Thanks to SaschaMann and andrej-makarov-skrt the Julia track has enough exercises to launch. They're working through the final bits of the launch checklist, and if you want to help add exercises or beta test the track, that would be much appreciated.
kotp and rpottsoh are working on a Delphi Pascal track, which also has enough exercises to launch. If you know Pascal we could always use your help with the track either on the site (giving feedback) or in the repo (adding exercises, giving feedback).
parkerl did a bunch of work on a new Prolog track before the new year. It looks like we could use help with documentation in order to get the track live.
* Smalltalk was requested by louiscyphre2017 and it looks like SergeStinckwich might help kick it off. This one is still in the very earliest days, so we need help with basically everything. If you're excited about Smalltalk, come help move it forward!
* One of the core developers of Chapel, ben-albrecht, has offered to kick off a new Chapel Track. If you know Chapel or want to learn it, now's you're chance to get in on the fun before everyone else.

And it's not just the new tracks. Long-established tracks have been seeing a huge amount of activity. Notably, the Java track has been killin' it, lately. There's been a TON of activity, and we've welcomed a new maintainer, FridaTveit. One of the existing maintainers pietvandongen is stepping down after a long stint of significant contributions. <3 Thank you, Piet! dispader has taken the orphaned Groovy track under his wing, and in C++, patricksjackson has joined the maintainers team.

And that's only the stuff I've actually managed to follow along on. There are 299 pull requests in my inbox that I've not yet had a chance to look at (thankfully, there are dozens of people who are looking at them).

To all of you who are participating in discussions, reporting issues, suggesting fixes, triaging issues, writing documentation, improving documentation, mentoring new contributors, reviewing pull requests, thinking out loud, and submitting patches: thank you!