November 20, 2016

Exercism in the Wild: How is Exercism being used in face-to-face interactions?

If you've used Exercism in face to face situations (pair programming, workshops, meetups, mentorship) I'd love to hear the full story of what you did and what you learned and how it went.

I've put together a survey to collect these stories. If you've got a story, please fill out the survey. If you know someone who has a story, please encourage them to do so!

A couple of months ago Ashley Williams, maintainer of NPM and the originator of the delightful socks for docs effort tweeted about using Exercism at RustFest.

Last week I was having dinner with Ashley and got the full scoop. She'd taken aside a group of folks, quickly presented some Rust basics, and then let them loose on the Rust exercises. The participants totally got into solving the problems, and then at the end of the workshop she told them they could submit the exercises to Exercism and see how other people had solved the same problems, and they got super excited.

In Los Angeles, USA Machiko Yasuda and Kit Pearson have been running meetup sessions where people get together and pair program, often using Exercism exercises as the basis.

@machikoyasuda tweeted on March 10th 2016:
last night our @exercism_io pair programming team had a big milestone:
=> 62 members in 6 months
=> 339 exercises submitted
=> 13 languages
They've put together some resources for how to run an Exercism pairing meetup, which you can read in their fullstackla/pairing-meetup repository.

There are other meetups that have used Exercism at least once (as spotted on twitter):

- /Dev/Reno -
- AkronCodeClub -
- ElixirSydney -
- Bangalore Ruby User Group -
- Women Who Go Boulder -
- Stockholm Elixir -
- Clojure Conj -
- Elixir CNX -
- Utah Software Craftsmanship -
- SF Perlmongers -

It's pretty cool to see how many people are having success learning, teaching, and mentoring.

Many thanks go out to both the people who introduce Exercism to other people, as well as all the amazing contributors who submit issues, review pull requests, help figure out how to improve the curriculum, and who help provide feedback on the solutions on the site.