November 13, 2016

Getting involved in Exercism is about more than code

Getting involved in any open source project is about more than code. It's not just Exercism.

The only time open source is purely about code is before anyone else has seen the project. When it's just one lone person scratching an itch or imagining a solution.

Arfon Smith, who used to be a colleague of mine at GitHub, and who is now heading up a mission for NASA wrote about this phenomenon in a blog post called The Shape of Open Source. As more people get involved it becomes more about interactions between humans than about contributing code.

A good day on Exercism is one where people are welcomed and mentored and challenged in all the good ways.

In the spirit of Arfon's post, I've written up some suggestions for how to get involved in Exercism, specifically in the language tracks. That's because the web part of the project is a mess and that's all my fault and I don't want you to hurt yourself.

So here it is. Getting Involved in an Exercism Language Track.