August 05, 2015

Exoskeletal 1: with the Earnestness and Off-puttingly Elaborate Language of the Manifesto

Greetings! You have signed up regular outbursts of unknown content and quality. There is no better indicator that their dams will eventually burst. I’m Rob ( and this is EXOSKELETAL, a component of the EXOSKELETON art thing. Art thing? Indeed. More on this thingness with the earnestness and off-puttingly elaborate language of the manifesto:

EXOSKELETON is small and the steam rollers of the corporate capitalists encircle our globe hammering this earth. Their hammering a tongueless incantation hoping to bend back our choking thumbs and redirect our eyes toward our own reflection glinting back at us from their even more exquisitely polished Blue Marble. But our burrowing mole machines will emerge from the subterrain heaving their purloined inventories skyward with our payload of nitrous EXOSKELETON-oxide seeping through the perforated soil and up into the nostrils of The Management so that they, and all, may enjoy the curiosity and complexity of what is and what isn’t! A public works project untouched and unwanted by neither the mayoral, the ecclesiastical nor the C.E.O. Join us as we traverse this battered topography if not always successful in reclamation then at least in proclamation with coffee, solar powered boombox, chapbook and defiant sequitur!  

EXOSKELETON is sieved through their microprocessors in this era of server as cleaver and electronic message as meat wrapping for the corporate butcher. EXOSKELETAL transmissions aspire to be nearly-weekly arrivals of luminous protoplasm suspending the organelles of sputtered language, unfamiliar image and excitations of our Earth’s inner-frequencies. We declare the inbox as temporary seizure of our creative autonomies fused in the ribcage of goddess Conundra and quenched in the brow sweat of the artist-typist-addict. Behold! an email message that asks not for your inquisition-bred exhaustion, your artist bio reading stamina, nor your fondness for the limited time offer but for your inexhaustible inquisitiveness and your enthusiastic reply:!

Onward. Neo-enthusiastically. Together.


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Image courtesy "All About Light and Radiation" by Ira M. Freeman, 1965, Random House Books for Young Readers