December 26, 2014

Issue 000 - The origin story involves bonsai forums

Issue 000 - December 26, 2014

Hello folks!

Thank you for allowing me to invade your ham-scented haze of Yuletide contentment. If you're reading this newsletter, chances are that you know me and my interest in the history of bonsai and wars of royal succession. Bless your heart, for it surely takes a lot.

I'm sending a special Episode Zero issue of The Weekly Foofaraw just to give a quick overview of what to expect from this endeavor. I have a blog which I use almost exclusively to talk about books, and I prefer it that way. However, there is a lot of miscellaneous ephemera that litter my brainpan the way coffee crud litters the bottom of your French press. TinyLetter makes it possible to compose off the cuff newsletters, something to offset the fairly rigid way I write content for my blog. Brevity is the thing here, which would hopefully keep my prodigious feelings about Shakespearean sonnets at a minimum.

And a global community heaves a sigh of relief.

On to the matter at hand. The content for this newsletter will be divided into 7 sections which may or may not by cycled in and out of every issue. These sections are:


This is perhaps the only timely part of Weekly Foofaraw. I will try to highlight one current news item that has been dominating my browser tabs. This may be about news of great political import, big topics on culture and entertainment, or the latest furry animal to be trapped at an IKEA. 

Long Read

This will either consist of long form journalism, personal essays, or short stories that can be consumed in the time it takes for you to finish a large mug of coffee. They're gonna be at least 1,500 words long but I may go way longer.

To give you a taste of what's in store, I direct you to one of my all-time favorite stories, "The Rapid Advance of Sorrow" by Theodora Goss. It is a speculative fiction story stained with political allegory, perfect as a cold weather read.


Podcasts are my thing. It is my thing to the point that I no longer last a single conversation without including a reference to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. This section will include interesting specimens of audio entertainment that you can download straight into your earholes. (Metaphorically.) I will try to include an estimated length for my links, since it will run that gamut of 5 minute quick hits to interviews that run an hour long or longer.


Youtube is the home of many things that freak me out and fascinate me in turn, and we will gambol through its meadow of legally dubious video clips together! You may be subject to a lot of Booktube content, my latest obsession.


"I know you are reading this poem because there is nothing else / left to read / there where you have landed, stripped as you are." - Adrienne Rich


I like roots music, alt country, shameless pop songs, and the not so occasional weepy ballad.

Rabbit Hole

This will be a medley of different time sucks such as funny tumblrs, photo galleries, forums, and whatnot. My only criterion for including stuff here is the length of my existence that has been lost by scrolling and clicking. (The answer should be "a distressing amount.")

Aaand that's it! Every issue will be released on Thursdays (time of publication will vary, but I'm at +800 Greenwich Time), which means you will receive the first official issue on New Year's Day. Send me a reply if you have a TinyLetter account! You can also find me on Twitter and Goodreads.

(The cutest motherfucking scroll by Maruyama Okyo, Courtesy of Miho Museum.)

Thank you for reading!