March 07, 2015

Let's try this again. FlakPhoto Digest #2

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Image courtesy McNair Evans
Thanks so much for the emails, folks — per your feedback I'm experimenting with a revised format. I'm planning to use this space at the top of each Digest to highlight photographers I admire (click on the image to visit that photographer's website). This week's image comes via McNair Evans who's terrific book, Confessions for a Son, made my 2014 Books of the Year list (find a copy if you can). I asked McNair about the picture — you can read his story on the @FlakPhoto IG. I'd love to hear what you think about this week's Digest; you can reply to this email to write me directly. Now, sit back and relax. And, if you tweet these links, tag me @FlakPhoto so I can see. Enjoy! - AA


Photography + Visual Culture


Sneak Peek: Katy Grannan's The Nine

Can't wait to see this — Katy Grannan and Marc Smolowitz's new project, "A feature-length portrait of a small community of outliers living on a blighted street in a marginalized part of California...." Feature will be available early 2016. Keep yr eyes peeled.

Image: James H. Barker, March Participants Being Carpooled Around Selma, AL. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

Race Stories: Documenting Selma, From the Inside

Curator Maurice Berger sent this the other day — His account of James Barker's photographs of the historic Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965. More about Barker's images on the Stephen Kasher Gallery website.

Image: Sara Cwynar, Girl from Contact Sheet 2 (Darkroom Manuals), 2013. .

Between Two Worlds: Photography's Radical Shift from Analog Memories to Digital Noise

It's exciting to see museum's getting hip with online photography. The Carnegie Museum of Art's Hillman Photography Initiative asks the public to react to select photographs and the responses are really fun. Learn more at

5 things I'm reading this week

This is Your Brain on Art: Is There Such a Thing as Art Overload?

Interview with Louise Clements, Artistic Director of Format Festival and QUAD

David Hockney's "Joiners"

Photographer Lee Friedlander’s Monumental Legacy in Books

Walker Evans, Preeminent Photographer and Passionate Postcard Collector


On the Booklist


Invisible City / Photographs by Ken Schles

Read this book! I finally got my hands on a copy and it's incredible — Schles' pictures are dense and gritty and the design is fantastic. Some background if you're not already familiar: American Suburb X interview and the LPV Podcast.

Community News

Tony Fouhse is giving away a photography newspaper and needs your support

Call for Applications — Crusade Engagement Grant

2015 Lange-Taylor Prize: Words + Images deadline is May 7

Millenium Images: Making a photobook with a mobile device

Papersafe Issue #04: Memory / now available for pre-order

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