May 25, 2017

[Obehi Janice] Ole White Sugah Daddy

Hi there,
Gratitude to all those who made it to The Gift Horse and sent their well-wishes! It was an awesome run.

Next up: a staged reading of my new play, Ole White Sugah Daddy. A synopsis: 

OLE WHITE SUGAH DADDY tells the story of Lynn, a rising star in the startup industries of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. When she courts a new Angel Investor for her latest venture, race, class and color collide in her private life, her public persona, and her cyber footprint. OLE WHITE SUGAH DADDY is a play about love, identity, and the tension between striving and thriving. --- Friday, May 26. 7:30PM in Deane Hall at the Calderwood Pavilion. 

It's been an exciting and full last two weeks writing and revising a new play from scratch with a great production team and actors. I'm really blessed. And I'm really tired!

(A quick shout-out to my AP English teacher. She's the real MVP.)

Here is an article about it on The Artery.

And I'll be live on RadioBoston tomorrow (Friday) at 3PM talking about developing the play and researching race, gender and capital in the startup industry. Here is a link to listen live. 

If you'd like to attend the reading, please e-mail for more details!

Obehi Janice
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