January 15, 2014

Mid-Month YoCP Check In + Book Launch Event News + Natterings

Aloha, Dust Bunnies!

It's the mid-point of the month, and while I'd very much like to spend this time that we have together talking about how Bill de Blasio eats his pizza entirely correctly, we've got some actual work to do here today: This is your official notice to get cracking on your Year of the Clean Person list if you haven't done so already. (And, um, if you're participating in YoCP I guess. If you're not, hang tight, I've got stuff for you coming along.)

I've ticked eight items off the list of odds and ends I wanted to tackle in January; scrapped one task entirely when it became clear that it wasn't worth putting good money after bad to fix a minor annoyance in an apartment we won't be in for too much longer; now I need to pick off the remaining five chores left.

I mention my progress so that I may offer you a confession: I committed a cardinal sin when tackling my list. I'm so ashamed of myself. I know better! Why have I done this to myself?! HOW CAN I LEAD THE MASSES TO A CLEANER LIFE IF I CANNOT FOLLOW MY OWN ADVICE???

I know, you just want to know what I did that was so wrong. Here it is: I did the easy things first. Or, more accurately, I did the least loathsome things first. This is a terrible strategy, and I know it and still I let a terrible strategy happen to me.

The problem with picking off the easy (or less loathsome) tasks first is that you're left with the horrible things you don't want to do staring at you judgmentally from that lovely list you created. Which makes you feel crummy. And when you feel crummy, you're much less likely to be motivated.

You see where I'm going with this? Of course you do.

A much better approach is to sigh deeply, climb up on your cross and achieve martyrdom by completing the most hideous task on your list first. Then you can reward yourself by slating in one or two of the less horrible jobs. Plus, successfully completing a miserable job is a great motivator. So! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. Knock out the worst parts of your to-do list and save the proverbial best for last.

With that out of the way, we can turn to much more exciting topics. Like Martha Stewart's beauty regimen! Just kidding! (Sort of.)(I was so obsessed with it that I tallied up the cost of all those products, you guys.)

Actually, I can finally give you some information on my book launch event. Hurrah! Streamers and confetti! (Ugh, no not the confetti. I'll be vacuuming until next Thursday.)

The event will be held at PowerHouse Arena on 26 February at 7p. There will be a raffle! And wine! And some other stuff too that we're still sorting out. Please come? I'm so worried no one will come, you guys.

What else, what else ...? Oh yes! In honor of National Clean Out Your Desk Day, which was on Monday but by the powers vested in me as a Clean Person I'm declaring can run clear through the weekend, I shared a few tips for tidying up your workspace with Fortune: How to get your messy workspace under control. Those of you who will be participating in the August YoCP assignment, which will be focused entirely on getting your desk spiffed up, should be sure to check out the article for a sneak peek of what's to come.

I spoke with Time Out New York about the importance of decluttering the home in an effort to Improve your life in 2014 and with Oprah to share my Cleaning Tips and Tricks for the Home. Yeah, fine … I didn't really talk to Oprah herself. Still though, the interview was great fun and I mostly mention it so I can share this, which came in response to O Magazine tweeting that I helped to answer "the most embarrassing cleaning questions":

Over at Deadspin, the Crossfit bros got more than they bargained for when it came to my answer regarding their lingering car odor; Jim Cooke, Gawker Media's illustrator, created a graphic for the post that you need to see to believe. Help! My Sweaty Ass Is Stinking Up My Car. (Click that link. No, seriously. Click it.) In other Gawker-ish news, his week on Jezebel the yoga gals will get a primer on keeping their mats and gym bags clean and of course, Drynuary marches on.

In closing, I still can't stop thinking about Martha Stewart's beauty regimen.