May 22, 2015

Maker Faire Recap

Hello makers!

Welcome to all our new subscribers! Last week we busily prepped for our rad Machine Knit Street Art booth at Maker Faire Bay Area. But we're back from all that fun and on to a new epic project. Muffin has tips for you about whether to splurge on fine yarn, so get your scroll on. 

What we worked on and watched this week
If you've never been to a Maker Faire in your area, what are you waiting for? In 2014 there were 131 Maker Faires all over the world. They are creative celebrations of the maker spirit, also called The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth. Everything from flaming robots to motorized cupcakes, from drone wars to needle arts demos lives and breathes at Maker Faire. We're lucky that the flagship faire is a mile from our art studio, and have been going ever since the first of its 10 years. This year, however, was our first time exhibiting how we use a variety of knitting machines to make street art yarn bombs. Our booth was such a hit we got 3 ribbons and shout out from the founder. Of course we yarn bombed the faire with knit heroes and a yarn bomb we've been waiting to find the perfect trees for: eyeballs!
We're back to work on our next project already, a commission for a client we've worked with before. Our task is to knit 300 feet of American flag with fabric yarn on gigantic needles. All 53 bolts of fabric arrived this week and it was nose to the grindstone! Here's one of the 20 flags we'll make over the next month. Epic! 
The TV show Lost is painlessly getting us through the task to cut and knit all that fabric. If you watched it, did you ever notice most episodes end on cue with violins and a slow, heartfelt montage of the survivors? Oh brother! Lorna swore the big jungle monster is a steampunk dinosaur, but she finally got moded in season 2. Now the question is, what monster will the special child Walt summon to help rescue him from the "others?" Lorna keeps asking Jill to spill who will die next, but Jill's lips are sealed. Hopefully it's Ana Lucia!
Jill's tip this week is to follow illustrator Kerstin Hiestermann aka @spielkkind on Instagram. Jill says, "She does the same thing I like to do in yarn bombing: transform common objects into new ones with her imagination, but with drawings. I just think it's so cute!"
Lorna recommends all the knitters check out the new miniature wonderland storybook/pattern book by Anna Hrachovek aka Mochimochi Land called Adventures in Mochimochi Land. Now available for preorder, the book has 25 new knitting patterns presented through elaborately staged knit adventure stories. Anna is previewing some of the stories on her blog; I especially like Lighthearted Lovers.

Dear Muffin
Do you need advice, yarn-related or otherwise? Let Jill’s disapproving cat give it to you. Email, subject line Dear Muffin.

Dear Muffin,
Why should I spend money on quality yarn?
Mary Jane in San Jose

Dear Mary Jane,
Natural fibers are much easier for me to digest. On the other hand, if you want it back, acrylic comes out mostly in tact. 

Have a great weekend working on your knitting and crochet projects. Remember you can also follow our Snapchat story at username Lorna Watt, which is where we post all our behind-the-scenes videos.

Lorna and Jill