August 24, 2015

[#25 Level Up! Newsletter] Firefox will run Chrome extensions; 2015 Best Programming Languages; Icon Debate: Fonts Vs SVG; The best web browser of 2015; SVG For Everybody; SVG Icon Snippets; My New Book: Mastering Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

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Issue No. 25

Saludos a todos! (Hello everyone!)

I hope everything’s going well for all.

I have a few announcements:

First, I want to say HUGE THANKS one more time to all you subscribers of the Level Up! Newsletter, both the ones that are still receiving the newsletter and to the new 200+ subscribers the newsletter has gotten since issue #23. You can see the archive here by the way.

We’re 7 shy of 400 subscribers now! Wooohooo! Animated GIF of Peanut Butter Jelly banana …(sorry, couldn’t help it, hehe).

Second, in the spirit of collaboration I would like to know what you guys think of the Level Up! Newsletter, so I will be sending you a link to a short survey in the next week or so. I want to know your opinions which are going to help me with the implementation and design of the newsletter by knowing things like which email clients are mostly used, tone of voice, look & feel, etc. Thanks in advance for your time.

And third, the book I’ve been working so hard on it’s now ready for pre-order! In the last section of this newsletter you’ll find the link to the landing page I created for the book.

I’ll let you get to the newsletter now! Enjoy this issue. Gracias!

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— Ricardo.

News (Web/Technology)
Firefox Will Run Chrome Extensions With Minimal Changes Soon | The Next Web - by Owen Williams

It’s only been a bit less than 2 years since I switched from developing in Firefox to Chrome, but if Chrome's extensions will work on Firefox I’m feeling VERY tempted to move over to Firefox again, oh yeah.
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Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015 | SitePoint - by Craig Buckler

This list is a little generalized but it gives us an idea, albeit rough, of the programming language landscape in the US, UK and Australia.

Spoiler Alert! Thebestprogramminglanguagesinfirstsecondandthirdplaceare:JavaJavaScriptandC#.
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Web Design
The Great Icon Debate: Fonts Vs SVG | SitePoint - by Massimo Cassandro

Well, I’m still a fan of icon fonts, yeah. I personally don’t see anything wrong with them and I’ve used them extensively, and carefully of course. But I have also started using SVGs with <use> element successfully even though Chrome and IE11 have cross domain issues with it. But that's why you use "SVG For Everybody" which is right below in Applications/Tools section :)
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Web Development
The Best Web Browser Of 2015: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, And Opera Compared | PCWorld - by Mark Hachman

This is one very detailed dive into the browsers. But PCWorld uses "real-world" testing as well in addition to the traditional benchmarks with Jet Stream, Octane 2.0, etc. I have to say, Opera is SO DAMN under appreciated, that browser is amazing. MS Edge is MUCH better, but not as MS makes it look.

Spoiler Alert! AllbrowsersareabsolutelygreatbutChromecameontop.
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SVG For Everybody - by Jonathan Neal

If you plan to use SVG sprites then you’re very like going to do it with the <use> tag. If you do so, Chrome and IE11 will not display your SVGs UNLESS you use a server (local or outside). If you encounter someone double clicking in the .html file, not seeing the SVGs and then bitching about it, don’t panic, they just haven’t leveled up like you yet :]
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Sublime Text: SVG Icon Snippets - by Simon Owen

Now, this is one cool set of snippets to create SVGs fast. I think this project can benefit from a few more icons. Plus, I’ve been thinking that maybe the SVG markup doesn’t have to be minimized, this will allow working with SVGs a bit easier; the minification should happen on a build process anyhow not necessarily in the development stage. Time to collaborate!
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My New Book!
Book: Mastering Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

And here’s my shameless self promotion :]. The book is in printing process at this exact moment you read this (assuming you desperately opened the newsletter as soon as you saw it come in your inbox, hehe). But the coolest thing is that it feels great to be able share my knowledge with people like you and help you get better at this business. In other words, level up! Looking forward to your feedback.

Go Get Your Copy Now! »

Thanks for reading, and keep leveling up!
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