December 09, 2015

[#27 Level Up! Newsletter] Dropbox Kills Mailbox and Carousel; Browser Trends December 2015; CSS in the Modern World; CSS Grid Layout; Flexbox Cheatsheet; OOCSS with Sass; PHP 7; Men and Women Learning to Code; CodePen Demos

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Dropbox Kills Mailbox and Carousel | WIRED

I’ve read many times that Dropbox wasn’t doing very well, maybe this is a way to get back on track tending more the enterprise than the single user. In case you didn’t know, Mailbox is an email client and Carousel is a photo gallery app.
Browser Trends December 2015 | Craig Buckler - SitePoint

Edge is gaining, good. Anything IE10 and above, I’ll take it. Firefox had a major hit but as long as Mozilla’s finances are in shape, Firefox isn’t going anywhere.
Web Design
CSS in the Modern World | Michael Palermo - SitePoint

Remember this term “Cascading Style Sheets snapshot” - A document from the W3C that collects all specs of CSS into one definition as 2015. So my question is: Is the W3C going to rename this for every year?
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Introducing the CSS Grid Layout spec | Rachel Andrew - Creative Bloq

If you already create layouts with Flexbox, get ready for CSS Grids, these two together will become a MUST in our CSS toolbox. If you haven’t started learning Flexbox... ¬¬. Go. Learn. Now. Go, go, go! - Read below…
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Flexbox Cheatsheet Cheatsheet | Joni Trythall

Here's the excuse to start learning Flexbox, a cheatsheet of a cheatsheet.
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Web Development
Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) with Sass | Saddam Azad

And here’s a very good article about CSS that uses Sass in very, VERY simple forms, so if you're starting to learn Sass as well, this article is for you. Two birds with one stone.
PHP 7 Released

In June of this year (2015), someone said to me: “PHP is still around? Hahaha!” - lol. Well, here's version 7, for download ;)
9 Differences Between Men and Women Learning to Code | Laurence Bradford

Pretty cool read. Women are learning to code to become Web Designers and UI/UX experts; Men are learning to code to become Web Developers and Software Engineers. There's a part that says “It’s pretty commonly accepted that Macs are better for doing design work.”… I mean, seriously. The tool doesn't dictate the designer's ability to design in my book.
Tearable Cloth | @dissimulate

Arguably the most liked Pen on CodePen. I know I’ve mentioned this Pen to more than one in this list, so here it is :]
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Power Flower Power | @pixelass

Here's one of Gregor’s kick ass Pens.
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Spiral | @ricardozea >_<

Play with the values and variables in the CSS panel of the Pen and create your own spiral :]
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Figma – A Collaborative Interface Design Tool | Paulina Vargas - Web Designer Ledger

Here’s another UI/UX tool for the list. The “collaboration” in a design tool like this doesn’t fully jive with me. What if the first girl isn’t happy with the second girl’s edits? Wouldn’t you think the first girl would already know to “stay in brand”?
Thanks for reading, and keep leveling up!
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