February 02, 2016

[#28 Level Up! Newsletter] Macaw; Sketch 3.5; The Useless Designer; Editing Images in CSS; Flexbox stuff; Docs and Guides for Front-End Devs; Kickass CodePen Demos; 2016 State of Email Report; E-schmail.

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Issue No. 28

Saludos a todos y Feliz Año! (Hello everyone and Happy New Year!)

Pretty busy end of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

  • Wrote 4 chapters instead of 2 for the new book Web Developers Reference Guide. Get your copy here!
  • CodePen Dayton meetings are rock n’ rolling:
    • Sass workshop at CodePen Dayton [#4]. YouTube video here [1:06h].
    • Today (Feb. 2, 2016) is CodePen Dayton [#5]: 3D Low-Poly Designs with Karim Maaloul from Belgium. Karim made the #1 spot in the The Most Hearted of 2015 with his amazing "Chill The Lion" Pen (2,025 hearts and counting).
    • Writing an article for Smashing Magazine (dream coming true! lol). Will tell you more in next issue.

Also, the Level Up! Newsletter was featured on Product Hunt thanks to a great supporter, Tom Masiero. Thanks amigo!

This meant that the newsletter grew exponentially, almost doubled its subscriber base: from 607 on issue #27 to 1,046 subscribers for this issue! Amazing! -- To think that the newsletter started with 6 subscribers at my place of work :p

**Note to new subscribers:** In a few days I will be sending you guys a separate message with a link to a short, 10-question survey about the Level Up! Newsletter; tell me what you think about it. But if anyone wants to see the survey now, you can fill it out here. HUGE Thanks for your time.

Let's get this newsletter going!

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— Ricardo Zea
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“I create this newsletter by hand: I visit every link, I read every article, create my opinion about it and if I think it can help someone bet a better web professional in an intellectual or practical way, I include it in the newsletter. It's a lot of work, but I love doing it :)”

News (Web/Technology)
Macaw is joining InVision!

Not sure what plans InVision has to integrate Macaw’s visual web design editor when its prototyping features are already incredibly robust and easy to use. My first thought is: maybe adding another feature of this magnitude could be more confusing and increase the learning curve for new users and new web professionals. The guys at Macaw don’t say much in their post.
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What’s New in Sketch 3.5? | by Yap Kwang Yik

Pretty interesting overview of 12 features of the Photoshop-killer.
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Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer | by Michael Abehsera

You’ll see posts like this popping all over the web if you haven't already. Seems some people are angry at designers that spend their own time designing whatever they want. ¬¬, yeah.
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Web Design
Editing Images in CSS | The dot Post [Video - 15:40]

Una Kravets kicks ass with this one. EVERY Web Designer MUST see this. Now. Go. WTF are you waiting for, GO! :]
Check Out Video
Leveling Up With Flexbox (SmashingConf Oxford 2014) | Video - 47:55

And if you have a bit more time, let Zoe Mickley Gillenwater show you how it's done with Flexbox. You’re using Flexbox, right? If not yet, no worries, keep reading** ;}
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Web Development
20+ Docs and Guides for Front-end Developers (No. 7) | SitePoint, by Louis Lazaris

From official guides (Meteor) to cheat sheets (Angular) to Blend Modes and Filters (CSS) to cookbooks (ServiceWorkers) to Notes about using ARIA in HTML to Flexbox helpers… and then some.
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“Cat vs ball of wool” | Pen by Karim Maaloul

The simplicity, the realism, the interactivity… the smile in your face ;]
View Pen
“numbers cube counter” | Pen by Gregor Adams

Can you identify the next number?
View Pen
“Molten Metal” | Pen by Tiffany Rayside

With only 66 lines of vanilla JS and 13 lines of CSS… uncompressed :p
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“3D hover plane effect” | Pen by Rian Ariona

Such simple 3D build, but SO damn cool! Inspiring nevertheless.
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The Most Hearted of 2015

And here’s that list!
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Test CSS Flexbox Rules Live | by @taylersumms

**Yes, this is what I was referring to above. Get to learning Flexbox!
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[PDF Link - 7.5MB] The 2016 State of Email Report | Litmus

Anyone related to working with email, either designing or marketing or whatever, HAS TO READ THIS, if they haven’t yet.
Download Report
Call Me E-schmail: Conquering the Beast that is HTML Email | ZURB Blog

Those guys are ZURB just rock. This article is awesome because it reads like if you’re next to the author figuring out email issues right at his desk. By the way, Outlook.com and Office 365 do not like dummy links, as in <a href="#">, nope! Use actual, full URLs instead o_O.
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Thanks for reading, and keep leveling up!

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