May 05, 2016

[#29 Level Up! Newsletter] Adobe Experience Design CC, Affinity Coming to Windows, Runner for Sketch, Combining Typefaces, Gutenberg, Modular Scale, Pens: “Hairy Rainbow Text”, “Pure CSS Parallax” and “Gravity Points”

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Issue No. 29

Hola a todos! (Hello everyone!)

A ton of stuff has happened the past couple of months:

  • My article on Smashing Magazine was published!: An Ultimate Guide To CSS Pseudo-Classes And Pseudo-Elements
  • I redesigned and launched my new portfolio site 100% Flexbox based. I'll tell you, using Flexbox cut down the hassle of dealing with media queries by at least 80%. Good bye CSS grids!
  • My book Mastering Responsive Web Design was mentioned in NET Magazine :)
  • CodePen Dayton is rock 'n rolling:
    • On April we had CodePen Dayton [#6] with Taylor Hunt: SVG Made Easy
    • Then we had a small social get-together at Brixx in Dayton. Photos here.
    • Today, May 5th we are having the awesome Rachel Smith who works in CodePen showing us about Design & Animation with SVG
    • On July 7th we have the one and only Wes Bos giving us a talk about Flexbox.
    • And on August 4th, Taylor Hunt is giving us Part 2 of his SVG Made Easy series.

Anyone that wants to come is welcome, this meetup is free and we provide all refreshments :)

And on the subscribers side, the growth has been small compared other months, but nonetheless, more subscribers have joined :). From 1,046 to 1,101. - THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!.

Let's get this newsletter going!

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— Ricardo Zea
Creator Level Up! Newsletter

“I create this newsletter by hand: I visit every link, I read every article, create my opinion about it and if I think it can help someone bet a better web professional in an intellectual or practical way, I include it in the newsletter. It's a lot of work, but I love doing it :)”

News (Web/Technology)
Adobe Packs Experience Design CC With New Features | by Marc Schenker

Adobe Experience Design is coming up the UI Design Tools ladder fast. Very fast. The support for Grids has to be best update yet. As a former Adobe Comet beta tester myself, can't wait to see Experience Design coming to Windows.
Read more
Affinity is coming to Windows | by Serif

The company behind Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer which are only for Mac and who were chosen as as the best Mac App of 2015 by Apple, has big plans for its UI design tool for its release on Windows. However, they're not entirely clear when their free beta is going to come out. I really welcome the dark interface to be honest.
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Web Design
Runner | Run keyboard commands within Sketch -

If you're a Sketch user and like the power of keyboard commands, this plugin is for you. This plugin is a no-brainer for efficiency. Pretty nice video from Robin Rendle there.
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Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography | by Tim Brown

The creator of the Modular Scale (read Tools section) has made his pocket guide (small book) available for free. A MUST for any web designer.
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Web Development
The Making of “The Aviator”: Animating a Basic 3D Scene with Three.js | by Karim Maaloul

If you're into 3D and WebGL, this tutorial is A MUST. Karim joined us in CodePen Dayton #5.
Read more
“Hairy Rainbow Text” - pixi.js | by Rachel Smith

Move your mouse around :)
View Pen
“Pure CSS Parallax” | by Kim Engelshardt Kirkegaard

I thought the markup was going to be quite heavy for this, but it turns out, it's zero overhead or bloat. It works like a charm.
View Pen
“Gravity Points” | by Akimitsu Hamamuro

No written word can describe how cool this demo is. The black holes get bigger as they swallow each other :D
View Pen
Gutenberg | by Matej Latin

A flexible and simple–to–use web typography starter kit for web designers and developers. I used this on my new site.
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Modular Scale | by Scott Kellum and Tim Brown

Create a typography scale in seconds and use on your site. The power of typography is unmeasurable. I used this on my new site as well together with Gutenberg.
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Thanks for reading, and keep leveling up!

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