January 20, 2017


First of all, here is a kitten picture, because I know what I'm good for:

Molly--the tortie--is slowly starting to relax, and some days she actually comes looking for cuddles. As long as I'm, you know, lying completely flat under a pile of blankets.

I've started using Pacemaker to track my current novel, which is Holly Black's fault. It's very reassuring, and lets me feel better about taking days off to work on other, more pressing projects. If I can write a little ahead of the curve the rest of the time, then I don't feel like I'm losing too much ground. (I generally give myself 3-4 months to produce the rough draft of a novel. Then there's a lot of editing and expansion.)

So, 2016 was not what you would call a productive year for me, on a professional front, though there was a bonus quantity of personal adjustments and a lot of travel. I did manage to turn in an epic fantasy novel, The Stone in the Skull, which will be out from Tor on October 10th. I'm working on the copy edits now, and best of all, we just got a look at the cover!

The art is by Richard Anderson, and you can see the original here on his tumblr.

In addition to the novel, I did finish two short pieces. One, a novelette entitled "The King's Evil," will be out this summer in the Gardner Dozois edited anthology The Book of SwordsThe other will be on Slate in a couple of days. I also did a series of short scripts for the Zombies Run Game radio mode, featuring everybody's favorite Doctor Girlfriends! 

As far as I can recall, my only actual publication in 2016 is this: "The Storm Petrel," in Chronicles of the Demon Lord, an anthology of dark fantasy inspired by the world of my friend Robert Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG!

Well, this year has been a lot better so far. I've made a good start on the space opera novel, Ancestral Night, which should be out from Gollancz (UK) and Saga (US) next year; I've written and handed in a novelette entitled "No Work of Mine," also to Gardner, for The Book of Magic. It features Bijou, Wizard of Messaline, and what I hope is a very funny camel. 

I've also finished the first draft of a Karen Memery novella--a long one, at about 36K, nearly a short novel--tentatively called Rook and Ruin, though I'm searching for a title I like even more. I hope to have a submission draft of that to my editor by the end of the month. 

I'm also working on several short stories and novellas that have been stalled for a while. One is due at the end of February, so it had better unstick itself fast...

And on that note, back to work. 

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