September 23, 2014

LP1: Some Things You Do For Love

Some Things You Do for Love

I made some new music.
Here's what you need to know:  
  • It's my first full length record.
  • It's due out for full streaming (Spotify, Rdio etc.) & download
    Tuesday, September 30
  • You can check it out now, while you read 
    Click the album art -->
  • If you make films or videos, I want you to use it.

Pre-Orders Paid For Streams: Thanks!

A few of you have already pre-ordered for which I am grateful.  I'm grateful both for the encouragement and for the money which I've already deposited in my bank account so I can pay to publish the album to the major streaming sites.  From there it's that much easier for people who like this kind of music to find it and for you guys who already dig it to throw it into playlists alongside Tycho, Boards of Canada and Nils Frahm so your discerning friends will hear.
If you find something you like on this record or my back catalog that you think would work for a project you or your friends are working on, know this: I would rather you use it than not use it.  If you have a budget for music, I'm very easy to work with on licensing.  But if you don't, reach out.  I love when my work helps people tell stories.  Just let me know.  I love to see what stories people are telling with my work.

Some Things You do for Love

Matt Lumpkin / Bendblock
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