July 27, 2014

Nothing To Hide ALPHA Release Date, Yay

This is exciting.

We'll be hitting the game's Alpha milestone (the halfway point, as per my definition of "alpha") in a couple months, on October 1st 2014. (10/01, what a binary date!) I just want to thank you all again so much for sticking with me through all the ups and downs -- giving feedback, giving encouragement, and giving a fire under my butt to make this game the best I can.

So what will be in this new alpha?

. . .

1. Rewritten story. The human aspect of privacy.

Check out a rough sketch of the new intro "The Wall" cutscene! (scroll down)

I'm going to be a sadistic bastard.

The characters in Nothing To Hide will have all sorts of personal relationships -- father/daughter, friendship, romance -- and I'm going to break every single one of them. No privacy, no personal connections. You'd be constantly surrounded, and feel completely alone.

Without privacy, we burn. We're constantly exposed. Like a caterpillar frying in the sun, writhing, screaming, still dreaming it'll be a butterfly someday...

Okay, that just got super sad.

. . .

2. Puzzle mechanics & artsy mechanics.

See last week's video of the new COMPANION CORPSE gameplay footage!

The big new puzzle mechanic is dragging around unconscious/dead people. Doesn't that sound fun! Because the Signalling iEyes activate whenever they see any person, you can use people to keep a Signalling iEye active, even while you're away. Check out the above video to see this game mechanic used in a complex level!

Here's Poppy making the letter N with lights and shadows!

I've also decided to add artsy mechanics. With these levels, the game will take a break from puzzles and let you play around. (Don't worry, it's not filler) When you aren't under constant surveillance... you're free to explore, be creative, and discover who you are. That's the mechanical-metaphor I'm trying to go for, anyway.

. . .

3. What else will happen on October 1st:

I'll finally open up early access/preorders for Nothing To Hide, for the countless number of people who missed the crowdfunding campaign who want their hands on the game! Also, I'll launch a Steam Greenlight campaign for Nothing To Hide. (Assuming Steam Greenlight is still around - rumour has it that it'll be retired soon)

Thank you all again! This is gonna be awesome.

Dissentingly Yours,
~ Nicky Case