April 19, 2016


Have you voted for the Webbys yet? You should vote for the Webbys.


I'm not going to tell you I'm up for an award...but I'm up for an award.

Aside from that, it's chock-full of really good stuff to satisfy your digital creative needs. 

Part of me wonders whether how the categories are organized, though. Award categories often set the precedent for what creatives want to work on, often using last year's winners as examples of what they could do. ("Let's do something like [viral marketing campaign], except...not that." Who knows how many times I've gotten that brief.)

But things like "Best use of camera", "Technical Achievement", and just plain old "Weird" could yield some of more experimental projects, or inspire us to use old things in new ways.

...speaking of old things in new ways...
super lame segway...

Mod Synth is a mod synth. Honestly, web-based synths are super popular...web-based music-making apps in general. There's something super satisfying about jamming on your keyboard and "making music" (because your mom wouldn't buy you that drum set...now I can make music and annoy the shit out of you anywhere there's Wifi...take that, mom!)

Despite how similar they all are, they get shared for a reason -- it's really addicting. And, since they're created by musicians, they each have their style and design, giving us a hint as to what each musician finds most important when creating their own synth.

This one is super minimal, and I like that the first time you visit the website, it gives you quick instructions on where each module is. Not like I read them (JUST LET ME JAM ALREADY), but it's nice that they're there so I can only blame myself when I realize I don't know what I'm doing.

In the bigger picture: It's awesome what the internet does for democratizing music making tools. No need to buy boxes, knobs, and soldering tools. Just need to learn a little code.