March 06, 2017

A New Welcome

I wanted to send out a quick welcome to those who are newly signed up to this letter. This is also good info for those who’ve been on board since the beginning so please take the time to read on…

As one might imagine, the number of folks subscribed has more than tripled since I announced my sabbatical. So, thank you and welcome to all who’ve agreed to receive an occasional letter from me in the sacred space of their inbox. I know the gravity of such an invitation and promise to try to make it worth your time.

A small heads up, because the newsletter goes out to a self-selected group of people who’ve opted-in and not to the general public at large, I take this opportunity to share personal stories and details I normally would not otherwise. Examples of such are easily found in the Archives and I encourage you to take a visit and read anything the catches the eye.

Further, I expect the work I’m doing while nonline and here to be diving even deeper in many ways — more open, more personal, and more trusting of those that read it.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for participating in the journey. And if you feel so inclined as to support my efforts directly, the ways to do so are listed here

March Forth!

Patrick Rhone