May 22, 2017

Philly Love Letters Volume 2

Hey Friends,

I'm excited about Volume #2, even though I'm writing it from my brother's house in LA. Lots of people have contributed to this newsletter, and I'm always looking for more suggestions and input (feel free to just hit reply to this email. I'll answer). But first, there are two sections I wanted to call out specifically...

1. Nonprofits to support: I've been working with my friend Sunanda Ghosh on this section. She's a brilliant development director/consultant/advice-giver, and has a deep understanding of the Philly nonprofit scene. I didn't want this email to be all buy, buy buy, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink. I'm hoping to show off some of the organizations in the city that are doing great things, but maybe fly a little under the radar. Support them if you can, even if it means joining their email list or following them on social.

2. Philly Escapes: I'm fond of side projects. Philly Escapes was one I started years ago as a way to crowdsource cool hotels + AirBnBs that are close to the city. I always say that to love Philly, sometimes you need to leave. I'll be featuring a couple spots in each newsletter. Please feel free to contribute your own favorites to the document, or use it as a resource when you need a weekend to play in the woods. 


P.S. please ignore all the weird fonts. Me and TinyLetter are having some issues. 
The TUSPM Shoe Museum. That's right. Bet you didn't know that Philly has a show museum. Be sure to schedule visits in advance. 

The Pavilion in the Trees hidden in West Fairmount Park by the Japanese Teahouse. The Association for Public Art is currently installing another piece by the same artist, Martin Puryear. Big Bling opens to the public in June.   
The chocolate tehina shake (trust me): Goldie. The latest from the Cook + Solo empire. Falafel, fries and milk shakes. Seriously the perfect lunch (or dessert). 

Hand drawn noodles: Nan Zhou. The perfect hangover cure. Cash only.  

Kegs N' Eggs: The Foodery in Rittenhouse. This is on the top of my to-brunch list
(thanks for the recommendations Neil Bardhan! Check out his breakfast sandwich bible in map form)
Brewery: Second District Brewing. My newest hang out spot. Really good beer. Like even-if-you-don't-drink-beer-good beer. Also, they have a foot-long corn dog (mic drop). 
Happy Hour: Drinking on the roof of the Philadelphia Free Library sounds pretty ideal. The next Brews and Views is this Thursday, May 25.
(h/t to Emily Tharp for this suggestion)

Scribe Video Center is a Philadelphia nonprofit that seeks to explore, develop and advance the use of electronic media, including video and audio, as artistic media and as tools for progressive social change. 

The Media Mobilizing Project uses strategic media, arts and communications to intervene in critical human rights struggles from public education to healthcare, media reform and public services. MMP does this through working with low-wage workers, youth, immigrants and other communities on media collaborations, narrative development, training and education in audio/video production, digital literacy and human rights.
Memorial Day Weekend at the Waterfront: Music + Fireworks + Opening of Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest + tons more free stuff | Delaware River Waterfront | Friday, May 26 - Monday, May 29 

Buzzer by Tracey Scott Wilson: Theater Exile | closes May 28
(thanks for the recommendation Brett Mapp!)
205 year old water lines made out of wood. It's a good thing Julie Snell decided to call the Water Department.

That time when Emily Guendelsberger decided to become an Uber driver in Philly and write about it. RIP City Paper. 
Listen to: Jesse Hale Moore at World Cafe Live

Maitland / Former Belle / Dirty Dollhouse: Johnny Brenda's | Friday, June 9

Jurassic Park in Concert: The Mann | Saturday, July 22 
(Nikki Volpicelli with the music input. The Jurassic Park one is mine cause I love John Williams)

It's only $20M.


My favorite Philly illustrator Mike Jackson has a new book, Illustrated Rock and Roll. BONUS: He's having a book release party! Indy Hall | June 2 

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania offers archival quality prints of over 60,000 historic images. Perfect if you're looking to bring some more Philly into your home.


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(if anyone has suggestions for IG or Twitter accounts, send 'em my way)


Check out the Philly Escapes doc that I started a while back (or the @phillyescapes IG account) in search of cool cabins in the woods / houses in mountain towns. Have some favorite escapes? Please add them to the list! Some favorites:

Rivertown Lodge in Hudson, NY: A bit of a drive, but Hudson and the surrounding Catskills are well worth the car time. 

The Nest Inn in Narrowburg, NY: I've become enamored with the Upper Scenic Delaware, where NJ, NY and PA meet. Lots of water time is a bonus.