December 05, 2014 Weekend 2

Welcome to Weekend 2 of! Get playing now on Like last week I'll spin the server down Monday morning.


The road continues.

It would be fun to see a town or city pop up at spawn eventually. It's going to be fun to watch the map expand as we continue to explore it.


I originally thought this was going to cost more to run than expected. It was just under $3 to run it on a 2GB DigitalOcean droplet last weekend (and some change). That's still not free, and I'm sure it will grow if this gets more popular.

If you're interested in helping with costs, I accept Square Cash or PayPal, and I'll gladly queue up sponsors for future weeks. I'd be happy to toss in a sponsor link in this email if you'd like as well. Email me if you are interested in this.


Feel free to share the IP address with anyone you'd like. Please encourage them to sign up for this mailing list so they can continue to hear about the server. I'm not too worried about it getting out of hand. I'm sure it will at some point.


I think we should establish an official Code of Conduct for the server, but I am not entirely sure how to enforce it. Maybe we could have a series of moderators to help? I certainly do not plan on being online for the entire weekend. Ideas are welcome on this.


I just wanted to say thanks for coming along on this ride. I haven't played Minecraft in a while, and I love building stuff and exploring its world. I hope the constraint of not having the server always be available is really appealing. It's ok to not have something on the internet be always on.

If you have suggestions or ideas just let me know. And no, I'm not going to install any mods.