March 14, 2014

p.p.s. Choose Your Own Background T-Rex

Every story

Is a Choose Your Own Adventure

With only two choices


Or keep going

Stopping at the start

Is easy

Especially when the start

Is hard

Like an adventure

Like a life

Beginning alone


Do nothing

Give up

But if you have someone who

Helps you

Find a way

Into your story

Only to find

One day


Every second passing

Leaves you

Feeling like


It’s harder

To stop

Like a good story

You’ve settled in

Carry on


You feel

An end approaching

Like a story

Like a life






Hold on


The story

Chooses for you.


Poem Song

always ‘saves the game’ by keeping a finger on the choice page, in case I chose wrong

You’re The Star of the Story by Derek Bruff

P- Choose Your Own Background T-Rex by Mark Kowgier

S- Met Before (CYOA Video) or (Linear-path version)  by Chairlift


You get home to your Cave of Time after a long day at the office. Do you: go outside and play with your pet T-Rex OF THE FUTURE OR do you start thinking about things and slowly realize that The Cave, and therefore your life, is just a METAPHOR!?!? You’ve chosen to do nothing. Congratulations. Good job. You look around your Cave of Time. Dude. It’s been WAY too long since you cleaned up! Do you: put away your Choose Your Own Adventurous Book called  To Be or Not to Be OR do you clean up random pieces of paper on the floor? You choose instead to continue sitting at your Caveputer. Again, kudos for choosing NOT to use the main power you have been granted as a living being, the one power that every non-living thing (i.e. Your Cave Clock, or Cave Lamp, Or Cave Hot Plate. FYI, in the future, caves are kind of a big deal) longs to attain: the power of choice. All of your things would  totally be glaring at you right now, completely enraged at your waste of this precious precious power, that is IF they had any choice. They don’t. And so they keep on being normal, boring things. Well guess what lazy bones! You have no choice anymore! Because a spaceship just crash-landed in your Time Cave. THAT’S RIGHT.  The Voyager 1 has come literally knocking on your metaphorical door. Do you: Grab that golden record and listen to some sweet human tunes? Or do you decide to look through it’s even sweeter pictures until you notice a tiny blue dot in one pictures that catches your eye, and then, later while scrolling back through the really old pictures realize that dot is actually this planet from a picture taken by the ship in 1979. A quick search using your Caveputer tells you this is the first picture ever taken of Earth with it’s Moon in the same frame. Inspired you put on some music and use the picture to start writing a poem, but you’re not showing anyone yet. You’ll share it when it’s ready. Until then, you choose neither; you feel like going for a quiet drive.

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