March 11, 2014

p.p.s. Real E-Stated Rules

The Real Deal Rules to Rule Your Real Estate Deal

1.Location, Location, Location

I can’t stress this enough. This is everything. Anything else is a waste of your time and an absolute joke.

2.Location, Location

I warned you. Most people think Location x 3 is enough. Go ahead and be most people.


Because the six "W"s of Real Estate are: Where, Where, Where, Where, Why? Where.


Be specific! Find the most attractive atoms possible. Don’t overcharge!


Only if it is outdoors and shows viral-internets potential.


“@”tract classy clients with your fancy email address.


Isn't good enough. Go for the A+.

Where do you find that?



Poem Song

wonders: where am I?

p- Cat House by Paul Hyde
p- Real E-Stated Rules by Mark Kowgier
s- It's Real by Real Estate
p.p.s. has learned that life never gets easier but that's okay, right? Good things are just like the bad. In fact they're the same things, just things. Somethings are real that we can feel, somethings just creep up in our dreams and yesterday's news. All things can go either way, everyday, just more things, like these words after words, and it's not getting any easier but it's getting somewhere, its gotten us here together admitting to each other that the stories we tell to our children and ourselves are things, but they're not real. These pictures poems and songs are a things of course too, but they're real, if only for a little while. I do what I can to keep them on the good, but that's not really my call, in the end. And while I'm at the end I can say, thirty odd years into the game, that I've learned a thing or two. I've learned that few things are really mine, but this is one of them, and it wouldn't be a thing without you. So if you too have a thing, feel free to share by pressing on a thing and making more things, things, things...

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