February 20, 2015

Hey! I started a newsletter, and you should read it?

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for signing up for my newsletter! I figured that it'd be cool to have a quick weekly (or, roughly, at least...) update on articles I've written/worked on, posts I've liked, and whatnot.

For this, the first week, I figured I'd share some of my recent work:

1.) Park That Car - No, Transgender Rights Are Not Destroying Women's Colleges

In this post, I responded to the writing of Rebecca Potts at The New Republic , in which she argued that trans rights were "destroying the mission" of women's colleges.

2.) Slate - Murders of Trans Women of Color are Rampant; Why Haven't You Heard of Them?

Leelah Alcorn became the most talked about trans person of the past year after she took her life. Why is it that the same coverage hasn't followed the epidemic of trans women of color being murdered?

3.) Slate - Can Cis Lesbians and Trans Women Learn to Get Along?

Though the headline sensationalizes this a bit, some cisgender lesbians and trans women have a contentious (if not outright hostile) relationship with one another. For this post, I worked together with Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart (herself, a cis lesbian).

4.) Bustle - A Major PSA for Soda Drinkers

According to Consumer Reports, the artificial coloring found in soda might be giving us cancer.  *cracks open a Diet Coke*

5.) Bustle - Ben & Jerry's + Weed = Awesome?

The real question is: why hasn't this already happened?

6.) Bustle - How to Decode Your Starbucks Cup

Another fun piece with a video from BuzzFeed explaining how to get from "Parker" to "Putyr" in 4 easy steps!