The Terms of Debate

  • February 16, 2017 The Terms of Debate

    I'm back. Hadn't read too many good articles lately, so that's why It's been a while. But, I've read some excellent things lately and so I have to share!

  • January 14, 2017 The Terms of Debate

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  • January 06, 2017 The Terms of Debate

    That's right, I'm back to this whole newsletter business. Fun, huh. Anyway, new format I'm trying here. To make things shorter and more easily consumable

  • January 05, 2017 I'm Back, Mofos

    I quit Twitter and I need a new outlet for the random thoughts I have during a week and a good way to share the ideas I come across and enjoy.

  • July 22, 2016 People are My Religion, Cuz I Believe in Them!

    Sorry y’all. Too much hanging out at bars and not enough hanging on the internet. (JK, that’s about the right ratio, but here I am anyway)


    Trying a *new format* this week! In the interest of saving me time and effort, therefore lessening the likelihood that I get frustrated/tired of doing this, I’m going to try and curate A LOT more. T...

  • May 19, 2016 PICK IT UP! PICK IT UP! PICK IT UP!

    Hey Y'all. Happy Wednesday. Here's the source for the title.

  • May 12, 2016 Well I'm Just a Modern Guy

    As you can see, I’ve had a bit of trouble keeping the release of this newsletter timely. I aimed for Sunday, but that’s proved a bit tough, so I’ll try to get it regular. It is going a bit easie...

  • May 04, 2016 Which Side Are You On Boys? Which Side Are You On?

    Hey y'all, welcome to the second edition of my newsletter, which I've tentatively titled 'The Terms of Debate.' Sorry for the delay - had some issues with Tinyletter, but those seem to be worked out. ...

  • April 24, 2016 Gotta Start With a Positive Jam

    Welcome to this whole newsletter thing– send tips, advice, ideas, etc. to me at (And please, do really send any critiques/advice - would love to ...