March 01, 2017

Resistance boost!

No idea what administration or country 45 was talking about last night. A "wave of optimism" about the Administration? #delusionalDTWith so much happening a week may be too long between Recharges. Remember to respond to feelings of anxiety or stress before they can overwhelm you. 

Have you ever noticed how your breathing gets shallow and quick when your emotions are running high? Stress can definitely cause this, and it triggers a number of other physiological responses that circle around to perpetuate the stress. 

Here's a quick way to break this cycle. Begin with the breath; the mind and body will follow:

Simply spend 30 seconds in deep, full breathing, inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

You can count if it helps you to extend the breaths, or simply make the breaths longer and longer each time. Extending your exhales is also beneficial.

You should pretty quickly start to notice a feeling of calm - the mind following. 

Your heart rate will begin to slow - the body following. 

That's it! Repeat whenever necessary.

And if you're in front of a screen while breathing, navigate here for visual calm (with a timer).

Let us know - do you like the idea of a midweek boost?


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