August 11, 2015

Rhetsy?? A call for fives

Hi everyone. This is the first ever time I've sent something out that was neither an issue of Rhetsy nor on a Monday, but I wanted to issue an invitation.

I was thinking that, later this month, in honor/dread of the new school year, I might give some space on Rhetsy over to a little experiment. (I know that not everyone who subscribes is an academic, but you shouldn't let that stop you.)  

I want to invite anyone who can read this to post a list of 5 somewhere I can link to (preferably a blog post, webpage, public GDoc, etc.). I'm thinking less in terms of resolutions for the new year, and more in terms of what people have been reading, hearing, watching, playing, waiting for, etc. So some ideas, in no particular order:

5 most recent adds to your Amazon wish list
5 books on your bedside table
5 songs in heavy rotation on your device of choice
5 apps you couldn't live without
5 books you want to read this year, come hell or high water
5 names you need to learn to pronounce correctly
5 comics you are glad you've been reading
5 shows you intend to try out this fall
5 movies you saw this summer
5 games you've played on your device recently
5 lifehacks you'll almost certainly stop doing by October
5 snackfoods in your cupboard

As you may infer, this can be an inventory or a set of goals, and while this list is pretty media-centered, you should feel free to invent any category for which you can generate five things. You are also free to provide explanations, or simply the list--take as much or as little time as you like. And don't worry about overlap with others'--one of the cool things I can imagine is having several different people posting to-read lists, for instance. Once it's posted, ping me with the URL, and I'll link to it in the issue.

I'm thinking about this for the 31st of this month. I won't link to anything I find insulting or offensive, but otherwise, I'm pretty open. Five me.

(My inspiration for this comes from one of my all-time favorite sites, Merlin Mann's 5ives, which peeked its head up for the first time in a long time this summer...)

See you next Monday. -cgb