September 15, 2014

Letter From the Balloon 3.5

Dear Friends, fellow Pilots, and Navigators of the Æther,

This is not the last letter from the balloon, nor the next one. It is a mere interstitial notification to remind you, briefly, that this week is the very last week of the Right To Flight.

If you have not yet had a chance to visit, or even if you have, I would be most pleased if you would join us on the roof this Sunday, the 21st of September, for a final libation to the balloon. We shall be flying from 2pm in the afternoon until dusk, and we would love to see you.

(If you can't make this date, and would like to visit another time, do get in touch and we shall be happy to accommodate.)

The last week has been a joyous exploration of the heavens, with permission granted from the Civil Aviation Authority to leap upwards to five hundred feet, an almost unimaginable vault. On one of our flights we even had a pilot aboard: a brave adventurer named Wenlock, whose ascent you can witness here.

Until Sunday, my friends.

Yours, in flight,