July 13, 2015

CreativeMornings July 2015: sharing thoughts about collaboration

Dear Netizens,

I feel honoured and mega excited to be the mentor of the next session of CreativeMornings Tirana, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community, talking about a theme that is very close to what I’m working on these last years: Collaboration.

When: 17.07.2015 @ 9.30;
Where: Dada Bar, Tirana, Albania. OSM link here;
Website: creativemornings.com/cities/tir.

Some of my thoughts that will be shared during the talk
“Collaboration is working with others to complete a task or to achieve shared goals”. Collaboration means to work with others for completing a task and/or achieving shared goals. I actually looked through Wikipedia to find this out, which incidentally is also the largest, interactive and collaborative internet project at the moment, freely and easily accessible online. The Wikipedia article about collaboration can be accessed from Mozilla Firefox, a computer software developed by many volunteers located in different corners of the earth. Having said this, it is clear that in 2015 cooperation goes hand in hand with interaction. Think of it as the combination of Notorious BIG, Elton John, Destiny’s Child in 30 seconds of a mashup created with love and passion by Girl Talk. It is the development of operating systems such as Linux, of software such as Open Street Map and WikiCommons, and co-funding platforms like Kickstarter. And the list of similar geeky collaborative projects goes on until we understand that in 2015 collaboration will be streamed online and trolled.

Albania is a country that moved from ‘forced’ collaboration processes to extreme individualism. Today, having experienced the destructive effects of the individualist model we sunk in for years, we need to start accepting that working together should not be considered as the exception, but rather as the rule that leads to better quality of life and higher social value. From arts to the democratization of media, and from the administration of production to the empowerment of the public domain, collaboration sets our way into emancipation. The question is: Is this a utopia for Albania or a reality that is closer than we think?

Collaborative projects like Mozilla, LibreOffice, Open Street Map, Creative Commons licenses and community physical environments like hackerspaces, are just some of my personal experiences that have collaboration as the common ground for collective products and social change. Geeks and nerds in Albania are getting the power back on- and offline with the ultimate goal of putting more collaboration in the heart of the egocentric Balkan reality of ours. Open Labs and Open Source Conference Albania are projects I’m part of since their inception and that have helped me gather experiences I wouldn’t trade for all the Bitcoins available in the world.

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CU there!