May 28, 2017

Are you Scicurious? Some crappy science

Science Fact

Poem by me. Comic by JoAnna Wendel. Science by Yang et al, published in the journal Soft Matter (because of course). Though note, #notallmammals! Just MOST mammals. :) 

Sound of the Week

A compilation of what's on everyone's Spotify workout playlists. HOW is Beyonce only at #14?!? 

Scicurious' Writings

  • This week's word is the power house of the cell. You know this one. Mitochondrion
  • This teen invented an indicator for when your sunscreen wears off. It turns bright you don't have to. 
  • Lab coats get COVERED with bacteria. How do keep them clean? This teen invented a closet full of light
  • Are social behaviors contagious? A new study shows that among runners, yes, it is. Possibly because runners (including myself) are probably too competitive for our own good. 
  • AND...I had too much fun on Twitter and ended up in the Washington Post! Here are the most annoying words to spell in science

Scicurious' Readings

  • We often think of using herbicides to get rid of weeds, but now people are trying SMASHING THE SEEDS TO DEATH WITH A GIANT HAMMER. And I love it. By Brooke Borel
  • “Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25 million books and nobody is allowed to read them.” Long, but really important. When Google tries to scan every book in existence, publishers fight them, and everyone loses. By James Somers. 
  • (Mouse) SPERM! (Freeze-dried) IN! SPAAAAACE!! Scientists have frozen mouse sperm, sent it to space, brought it back...and it still worked. By Laurel Hamers. 
  • “Technically it’s not even my dolphin vagina mold,” she says. “I was carrying it for someone.” When scientists and the TSA cross paths, the results are hilarious. By Ed Yong.