7 by 77 | Scott Kubie

  • February 20, 2017 21 | Seven rules

    I don’t eat hamburgers for breakfast and I don’t want to hear Pink Floyd north of noon. Pink Floyd after midnight but before going to sleep is acceptable but should be used sparingly.

  • January 23, 2017 20 | Seven simple pleasures

    Read them, buy them, gift them. Cover your coffee table, your dresser, your backseat. Steal them from your exes and send them anonymously to lovers and enemies. Arrange them by color or theme or chron...

  • January 16, 2017 19 | Seven objects that are almost always with me

    People ask about this thing all the time. It’s much easier to maintain a routine with my notebooks when I always h...

  • January 11, 2017 18 | Seven reminders (note to self)

    *Seven reminders (note to self)*

  • January 01, 2017 17 | Seven goals for this new year (and how I did in the last)

    == *Seven goals for this new year (and how I did in the last)* ==

  • December 21, 2016 16 | Seven things I've been saying a lot lately

    *Seven things I've been saying a lot lately...* - "That's disappointing and unsurprising." *See: every news story since, oh, November 8 or so.*

  • December 06, 2016 15 | Seven lists I keep

    PEOPLE is a pen-and-paper list in my Lists notebook, a white Leuchtturm1917 A6 I had laying around a few months bac...

  • November 28, 2016 14 | Seven little things I know

    - I know that you don’t have to buy that many grapes at once. No one needs that many grapes. They'll spoil. Get a produce bag and only grab as many grapes as *you* want.

  • November 21, 2016 13 | Seven apps I've never deleted

    == 1) Drafts ==

  • November 14, 2016 12 | Seven things you can do

    If your money is sitting in a corporate bank, the oligarchs are using it to make even more money. Don’t let them. Put your money into locally owned credit unions and/or banks. Bonus points if they...