March 01, 2017

The Crowd Is Current And Timely [#268]

Hi Crowd!

Last week was my birthday. If you didn’t wish me a happy birthday you are a monster.


I mentioned before I was looking for a way to delete all my tweets and running into trouble doing it because all the options I could find were basically “we’ll make you a new account and then delete your old one” which I didn’t want to do. I found the solution, and used GoCardigan to delete all the old tweets. While every other service only lets you delete your last 3200 or so tweets, this one lets you download your archive from twitter, upload here and then delete everything wholesale. After that you can not only kill your account but also wipe any memory that your account ever existed. Going forward I’m using TweetDelete to automatically delete any tweet older than X. At the moment, X for me is 2 weeks, but I may still tinker with that. And if you look at my twitter account right now you’ll see it’s notably less than the almost 100k tweets it had just yesterday. Yes there are some moments that happened there that were special but good luck finding any of them if you didn’t have a direct link to them, and the growing potential for border chaos due to social media is just unignorable at this point. Besides we’ve always treated Twitter like it was ephemeral, so this kind of just solidifies that. It’s a farcry from going invisible online, but it’s something.


Maybe this is even one step closer to not having a cell phone. Though if I was a Japanese woman that might mess up the affair I might be having with a virtual boyfriend. Speaking of Japan, Seijun Suzuki has died. If you aren’t familiar with his movies do yourself a favor and go watch all of them right now - they are amazing. Also amazing is this visual reel that Rob made for Puscifer. Less visually amazing these days is Harajuku which used to be filled with so much crazy fashion but today is chock-a-block full of uniqlo.


Here’s an argument that journalists shouldn’t be using Slack.


Maybe they should use


My friends do rad stuff. You can right now this very second go pre-order my friend Daniel Suarez’s new book Change Agent, as well as the new ep from my friend Dean aka MrClean’s band The Dead Milkmen. Or for more immediate gratification check the new one from my friend and old roommate Pat Hughes’s ambient noise project Lilac Angel. I don’t actually know DJBC, but I know that Wu-Orleans is awesome and you definitely want the new album right now (it’s free). Not free but also awesome, Ted Leo is making a new record and funding it on kickstarter. Speaking of new records on kickstarter… well that might have to wait, but I’ve got something good for you soon that you probably never thought would happen. Stay tuned.


Our new Attorney General blew off the recent DOJ reports on police violence and misconduct as anecdotal and not scientific, and then noted that he hadn’t actually read them himself. He’s also worried about the rising violent crime rates across the country which don’t actually exist, since crime has been falling for decades. Unrelated in every way but also popcorn gif inducing, Google/Alphabet is suing Google Ventures portfolio company Uber for theft of Self Driving Car tech.


Noah Dyer is running for Arizona governor and also has lots of sex which he wants you to know about, and this Swedish politician wants everyone else to have lots of sex too. Better hurry up too because here’s the new humanity extinguishing robot from Boston Dynamics which is terrifying but tbh even our cute tech is working against us. And when they come for us you are definitely getting smoked because your grip strength is terrible.

I'm jetlagged and going to sleep.