April 14, 2017

The Crowd Is Fast, and Furious [#273]

Hi Crowd!

I’m spending every waking second working on the upcoming OUR WORLD OUR DATA conference at MIT and I hope to see some of you there.


In my non-waking seconds this week I pulled out the old 4-track and some cassettes and started making tape loops from field recordings and layering them under synth and guitar tracks which I’m getting really excited about. I haven’t posted anything on my bandcamp yet, but I can’t imagine I’m going to last more than another few days without deciding something needs to be released.


Had a weird coincidence of topics and discussions on some podcasts I listened to this week and if you want to take a crazy journey with me and have a few hours where you can have these playing around your house or in the car I highly recommend checking them out, and listen to them in this order for a “What got us here” to “Where are we now” to “Where might we be going” and starting in hard fact, going through theoretical and into who knows. It’s a fun ride and if nothing else will get you thinking about things you might not otherwise, which is always good.

  1. Radiolab - Nukes

  2. Waking Up #70 - Beauty And Terror - Sam Harris talks with physicist Lawrence Krauss

  3. Rune Soup - Talking Psi and Magic - Gordon White talks with Dr Dean Radin


Each one of those on their own are interesting enough to justify the time to listen to them, but I found that accidentally listening to them all together will lead you into some unexpected conversations and likely cause some unusual dreams. Or nightmares. Or both.


Not nightmares inducing the way this accidentally created dinosaur faced chicken is, more like a combo between learning how it’s only dumb luck that we’re all still alive and how we may still just all die off because we stop reproducing because our new sex robots are so much better than other people ever were, though it might not take that long because we’ll destroy the environment before that has a chance to happen.


The good news is a new Fast & The Furious movie is out and so I expect that like myself you’ve all been having a FATF marathon this week gearing up for it. If for some reason you haven’t, here’s your definitive guide. I'm not joking, ask anyone.


This story about women in NYC who shared the same name and birthday and the havoc that caused for them was fascinating, and speaking of identity I’m getting some legit passport envy here. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook there’s even more evidence to suggest that you are depressed and that might be part of the cause, unless you are getting on facebook from the computer you built out of scrap parts in the ceiling above your jail cell, in which case keep on keeping on. Speaking of Jail, in light of the chaos on United Airlines this week here’s a real lawyer explaining that you only have to obey lawful orders from flight staff - so “give up the seat you paid for so we can put someone else in it” doesn’t fit that requirement.


BTW, Twitter is now collecting a list of apps you have installed on your phone.


Let’s all aspire to be as awesome as this 87 year old lady in Tokyo, and maybe stop wearing cats on your feet FFS.


Have a nice weekend.